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Gang (ग्यांग) 2000

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BannerAdlab Films
DirectorMazhar Khan
WriterShamsher Khan Balooch
ProducerMazhar Khan
Orginal musicAnu Malik
CinematographyAlag Alag, Nadeem Khan, Sheen
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersAnu Malik, Alka Yagnik, Sunidhi Chauhan , Jolly Mukherjee, Kumar Sanu , Sadhana Sargam , Abhijeet, Hariharan, Asha Bhosle
CharacterActor / Actress
TinnieShagufta Ali
NagobaTinnu Anand
SanamJuhi Chawla
Nihal SinghKumar Gaurav
TagduGulshan Grover
Gary RozarioJaved Jaffrey
Girja SinghInayat Khan
LalaMukesh Khanna
AbdulNana Patekar
Deepak Shirke
GanguJackie Shroff
Shamsher SinghDalip Tahil
Gangu(Jackie), Gary( Javed Jaffery) and Nehal (Kumar Gaurav), are unemployed youngsters, dreaming to make it big someday, apart from this unemployment, another common thing which they shared is an inseperable bond of friendship.

Then one day, a man called Abdul (Nana Patekar)comes into their life, being an orphan from birth and a thief. Fed up of their unemployment and fighting adversities, Gangu, Gary, Nehal and Abdul form a gang, starting with small crimes. Gary, Nehal and Abdul crave for more power but Gangu tries to hold them back. However, ultimately, afraid that he would lose his friends, Gangu agrees to go with them, and they join Majid Lala's gang. In spite of being involved in some anti-social activities Majid Lala (Mukesh Khanna) has a different style of working. He has set some rules and limitations in his business, which he neither crosses nor allows anyone in his gang to cross. Because of this Gary, Nehal & Abdul feel that Lala is just exploiting them. They decide to give up Lala's gang & join Girja Shankar's (Imtiaz Khan) gang. But Gangu threatens to leave them if they do so and convinces them to dump all the illegal activities and return back to their previous days.

But fate takes a different turn, when Gangu's sister gets killed by Dagdu Kana (Gulshan Grover). Raged with anger Gangu takes revenge on Dagdu. Gangu kill Dagdu and is sentenced to five years of imprisonment. When he returns back he is shocked and disappointed to see Abdul still involved in the same scene of crime. He leaves them and sets up his own garage. Then Nehal decides to turn into a police witness while his wife Divya (Shilpa Shirodkar) delivers a handicapped baby. But Girja Shankar wants to stop Nehal, Gary & Abdul and so he kills Divya and Gangu's mother. Finally, all four, raging with anger wipe out every trace of Girja's gang. Eventually they get killed in a police encounter.
Release date14-Apr-2000
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Javed Akhtar | Music: Anu Malik

1. Meri Payal Bole | मेरी पायल बोले     
Voice: Anu Malik, Alka Yagnik, Sunidhi Chauhan

2. Ye Karo Ye Nahin | ये करो ये नहीं     
Voice: Anu Malik, Jolly Mukherjee

3. Dil Hai Baichain | दिल है बैचैन     
Voice: Kumar Sanu , Sadhana Sargam

4. Kyon Hum Tum Miley | क्यों हम तुम मिले     
Voice: Anu Malik, Alka Yagnik

5. Aaj Tu Maang Le | आज तू मांग ले     
Voice: Abhijeet, Hariharan, Jolly Mukherjee, Roop Kumar Rathod

6. Chood Ke Na Jaana | चुद के न जाना     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

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