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Gabbar is Back (गब्बर ईस बाक) 2015

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BannerBhansali Productions
WriterRajat Arora
ProducerSanjay Leela Bhansali, Shabinaa Khan
Music DirectorChirantan Bhatt, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Manj Musik
CinematographyNirav Shah
Film EditingRajesh G. Pandey
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersArijit Singh, Palak Muchal, Neha Kakkar, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Teflon, Dev Negi, Paroma Das Gupta, Manj Musik, Raftaar
Character Actor/Actress
Aditya (Gabbar)Akshay Kumar
ShrutiShruti Haasan
Constable SadhuramSunil Grover
SunainaKareena Kapoor
VeenaIshita Vyas
LakshmiShruti Bapna
C.B.I. Officer Kuldeep PahwaJaideep Ahlawat
GovindRaj Singh Arora
Govind's MotherPraveena Deshpande
News ReaderAnandeshwar Dwivedi
Ward BoyUttam Halder
Senior DoctorNarendra Jetley
Shanti NagpalKrishna Raaz
Sub Inspector YadavJagdish Rajpurohit
Inspector VikasVikas Shrivastav
Rani (doing an Item Number)Chitrangda Singh
HariPrateek Srivastava
Digvijay PatilSuman
PoliceChandra Prakash Thakur
DoctorJitendra Trehan
The police get information that 10 tehsildars across Maharashtra have been mysteriously kidnapped. But they are as mysteriously returned - except the most corrupt officer, who is hanged in public. The police get a CD from mystery man 'Gabbar' who says his mission is to target corrupt officers. Police driver Sadhuram (Sunil Grover) is convinced he can crack who Gabbar is - but his superior officers insulted him in front of all the other officers.

On his way home, Professor Aditya Singh Rajput (Akshay Kumar) is stopped by lawyer Shruti (Shruti Haasan) who makes him drive her and a pregnant woman to the hospital. When Shruti wants to thank Aditya, she finds he has left. Sadhuram finds from the village tehsil to the district office that there's one honest officer in each department. He's convinced all these honest officers have a link to the Gabbar case. Shruti and Aditya become close, and one day, she gets hit by a scooter, and Aditya takes her to Patil Hospital. Although not badly injured, doctors at Patil Hospital insist on taking expensive tests and Aditya realizes how helpless patients and their families are fleeced and often, inhumanly treated. A poor woman mourns her deceased husband in the civil hospital nearby. Aditya tells her he'll get her medical insurance. He checks in her husband as a patient to Patil Hospital. The hospital tries to swindle money out of Aditya by pretending to treat the dead man, making Aditya pay for tests and medicines. Aditya then shows them the death certificate, which proves they knowingly admitted a dead man. The young owner of the hospital, Vikas Patil, is furious when Aditya releases the video of the hospital's corruption to the media. However, Vikas is killed by an angry mob. His father, powerful builder Digvijay Patil (Suman Talwar), sees Aditya in the hospital CCTV footage and is stunned to realize that this is the same man he supposedly killed five years ago.

Aditya and Shruti attend a wedding where Aditya remembers his late wife Sunaina (Kareena Kapoor Khan) and how they moved into a new apartment when they were expecting a baby. While Aditya was out playing Holi, the building collapsed and killed hundreds of people, including his wife and unborn child. Aditya collected proof of the faulty building against builder Digivijay Patil, but Patil bribed everyone and no one was willing to hear Aditya out. Aditya beats Digvijay severely but the latter attacks him with an axe and thinks his blows have killed Aditya. But a bus full of medical students finds unconscious Aditya on a highway and save his life. He then decides to use the power of young, idealistic, honest youth and trains students at National College to join his cause. Sadhuram meanwhile finds out all the honest officers attended National College. Shruti sees Aditya as Gabbar and is shocked but when he tells her the truth, she supports his cause.

CBI officer Kuldeep Pahwa (Jaideep Ahlawat) taking charge is mystified by the case. He listens to Sadhuram's findings and they arrest National College students. But even upon being beaten, the students don't divulge anything about Gabbar. Shruti tells the CBI officer that because the law doesn't work, a vigilante like Gabbar is a hero for ordinary citizens today. Sadhuram changes his view of Gabbar. Patil kills an honest officer to terrorize others into passing his faulty building plans. The cops are sure Gabbar will target Patil for this outrageous act - and he does. Patil throws a birthday party for himself at his farmhouse. As he cuts the cake, he spots Gabbar in the crowd. The next moment, Gabbar and his gang kidnap him, wearing the same masks. As police search the city for Patil, Gabbar tells him to call anyone to save himself - but every minister tells him to not involve them, so that Gabbar doesn't come after them next. Gabbar and Patil then have a violent clash and Gabbar kills Patil.

Aditya goes to the police to hand himself . He is given the death penalty but there are huge public protests and enraged students block his jail van. Officer Pahwa requests him to speak to the students and he does, telling them to channel their anger against corruption and be the change society needs. As Aditya is taken to be hanged, Shruti breaks down, but he leaves, smiling, asking the hangman, Ab tera kya hoga, Kaalia- quoting the famous dialogue of the character Gabbar from the film Sholay.
Release Date1-May-2015
Budget₹72 crore (US$11 million)
Revenue₹105.48 crore (US$16 million) Worldwide

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