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Farishta (फ़रिश्ता) 1958

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BannerPancholi Pictures
DirectorRavindra Deve
Orginal musicO.P.Nayyar
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersAsha Bhosle
Ashok Kumar
Meena Kumari
Nana Palsikar
Anita Guha
When Dayal Ram once again steps out to freedom after many long years in prison a storm of mixed emotions is raging in his heart.. will his beloved son who he had left behind as a mere child now recognise and accept him as his father in love and loyalty, or will he feel ashame t ocall a criminal his father?.... But then again Dayal Ram is heartened to think that his best friend and business-partner Liladhar for whose sake he had gone to prison must surely have told his beloved son Chandan that his father was really not a criminal at all...But poor Dayal Ram does not know that his hopes and fears are all for nothing because when he has last rushed to the house Liladhar, in whose care he had left his beloved son, Liladhar stuns poor Dayal witht he tragic news that little Chandan was long dead from a drowning accident. Dayal Ram was not informed of the tragedy only from a fear that grief would make his prison-life unbearable, and might even kill him... The tragic news crushes Dayal Ram andlife loses all meaning for him...And his cup of misery is soon filled to his bitterest when he learns from an old friend that his beloved son was believed deliberately drwoned by Liladhar to profit from Dayals will which had named him beneficiary in cace of Chandans death. The pit was that there was no actual proof, and Liladhars wife, Sumati who could have shed light on the matter had turned made since the tragedy, and has never recovered... Engulfed in back despair, Dayal now wavers to forsake Gods ways and even God himself...Poor Dayal is accused of lifting a gold chain from a childs neck. But this shame brings Dayal a strange reward when the gallant-hearted lawyer Ashok not only volunteers defence and saves him but also offers wandering dayal the happiness of home-life with him and his good father Acharyaji...And the pattern of Divine Justice further shapes as we see that young Ashok is not only romancing with beautiful Shobha, Liladhars daughter, btu is already suspicious of the shadowed past of his beloved father... On Dayals side, however his happiness proves short lived, because the good Acharyaji learns of Dayals criminal record and turns him out for fear of damage it may do to Ashoks reputation. But now this tragedy also brings with it for poor Dayal a glowing reward he could not have hoped for even in his wildest dream!....And now, from heroen, as the fast-weaving pattern of Divine justice at last overtakes Liladhar and provokes him into further misdeeds from guilty conscience. . The hand of avenging fate which forces Liladhar to face certain death for the one crime he had never really committed in his otherwise totally evil life. . The terrifying irony of Liladhars own daughter turning into an unsuspecting intstrument of her own evil fathers destruction. . And, towering above it all, the magnificient spectacle of great-hearted Dayal Ram siding with Truth even if it meant saving his life-long enemy at the cost of.
Release Date1958
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Jan Nisar Akhtar | Music:O.P.Nayyar

1. Aaj Maine Jana | आज मैंने जाना     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

2. Balam Bada Jhootha | बालम बड़ा झूठा     
Voice:Asha Bhosle

3. Karke Ishara Mera | करके इशारा मेरा     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

4. Meri Ankhion Men | मेरी अन्खिओं में     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

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