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Evaraina Epudaina (ఎవరైనా ఎపుడైనా) 2009

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BannerAVM Productions
DirectorMarthand K Shankar
WriterMarthand K Shankar
ProducerM. Sarvanan, MS Guhan
Music DirectorMani Sharma
Film Editing
Art Director
Camrea Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersTippu, Hema Chandra, Malavika, Rita, Rahul Nambiar, Ranjith, Varun Sandesh
VenkatVarun Sandesh
MadhumitaVimala Raman
Rama Prabha
Giri Babu
Venkat (Varun Sandesh) is care free guy, he is a smart youngster who looks for people around him who are in love, he blackmail to tell their family and takes money from the couples. He gets into a fight because he took money from a couple by blackmailing, there he sees a girl Madhumita (Vimala Raman) and it is love at first sight for Venkat. Meanwhile his grandma gets hurt and he takes her to a hospital, an old woman is admitted in the same room, later he finds out she is Madhumita's grandma (Rama Prabha). He gets an opportunity to impress her, he pretends to save her grandma and they both become good friends. Venkat's close friend (Adarsh) confesses him that he is in love with the daughter of Madhumita's father (Giri Babu). He thinks that his friend is going to be engaged to Madhumita. This prompts Venkat to play a spoilsport in the engagement ceremony, he tries to break the engagement and also succeeds in beaking the engagement. Soon after the engagement breaks he realised that his friend is in love with Madhumita's sister and was getting engaged to her. Venkat is shocked and is in a fixed situation as he can't tell the truth to Madhumita and her family as they would hate him after knowing the truth. He gets close to her family in meantime, also Madhumita falls in love with him. In temple she overhears Venkat's friend telling him that it was a good plan to break Adarsh and Madumita's sister's engagement. Venkat sees Madhumita and tries to explain to her that it was an misunderstanding but she was not ready to listen. Venkat then become a responsible person and joins his brother's office, he respects lovers and understands other's feeling. He also manages to get Adarsh and Madhumita's sister together in meantime. He then goes to Madhumita and explains to her and try to convince her that everything was a misunderstanding, he tells her that he is changed person and has got a good job for her. She understand's him and his feeling's, the film ends with Venkat and Madhumita getting together
Release Date26-June-2009

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