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Dynamite (డైనమైట్) 2015

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Banner24 Frames Factory
DirectorVijayan, Manchu Vishnu, Deva Katta
WriterAnand Shankar
ProducerManchu Vishnu
Music DirectorAchu
CinematographySatish Muthyala
Film EditingS R Sekar
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersAdnan Sami, Tippu, Geetha Madhuri
Character Actor/Actress
Shivaji KrishnaManchu Vishnu
AnamikaPranitha Subhash
J. D. Chakravarthy
Shivaji (Manchu Vishnu) falls for Anamika Dasari (Pranitha Subhash), who gets impressed with him post an issue. After a dinner date that includes voluminous amount of wine and vodka, the two return to her apartment for a few drinks. That’s when Anamika gets kidnapped by some unknown ruffians. Shivaji tries hard to save her by contacting Gachibowli Police officers, but he is been deceited that no such incident did happen. But he gets closer to the kidnapers and there he realizes that he is been tugged to a much larger issue involving central minister Rishidev (J D Chakravarthy). An accident, a trail, an issue, few ruffians, a kidnap, few gun shots and a girl all alone in a middle of nowhere leave us baffled. So Shivaji takes it upon himself to save a needy girl and expose the minister.
Release Date4-September-2015

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