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Dirty Politics (डर्टी पालिटिक्स) 2015

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BannerB.M.B Music & Magnetics Ltd.
DirectorK.C. Bokadia
WriterK.C. Bokadia
ProducerNihal Farhat
Music DirectorAadesh Shrivastav, Sanjeev Darshan
CinematographyPaneer Selvam
Film EditingPrakash Jha
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersNeha Bhasin, Mamta Sharma
Manoj SinghNaseeruddin Shah
Anokhi DeviMallika Sherawat
Mukhtiar KhanJackie Shroff
CBI officer Satya Prakash MishraAnupam Kher
Dina Nath SinghOm Puri
Nirbhay SinghAtul Kulkarni
Rahul Solanki
Dayal SinghAshutosh Rana
BanaramRajpal Yadav
Nischay SinghSushant Singh
Karan SinghGovind Namdev
Charu Sharma
Jabbar SinghAwadhesh Mishra
Nathu LalSunil Pal
The story begins with the fact that Anokhi Devi, a powerful political figure has gone missing. There is an uproar to find her and it is deduced that people behind her kidnapping are powerful figures. The case that is first with the police traces the incident back to Mukhtiyar Khan. Cops come to arrest Khan but on the orders of their superiors they are compelled to let him go. Manoj Singh, a local social worker is inextricably involved in this. The last call Anokhi had made was to him. On his pestering, the case moves to CBI who gets back the officers who were the first to investigate the case. The case gets completely out of hand and complicated when officer Mishra takes over the case. He begins to do a thorough background check on Anokhi. It's discovered that she was initially a dancer but this field came her way when politician Dina Nath takes a liking for her. Since she grew up in very bad financial situation, she is easily lured by money. Her relationship with Dina Nath was given her power, money and things were quite working out for her. Mukhtiyar and she set their eye on the same constituency and since the guy knew too many of their secrets, Dina Nath had no option but to give away that constituency to him. Anokhi loses it and she and Nath end up in a verbal scuffle. She tells him of the CD which is the proof of them making love and threatens to make it viral. What was even more shocking was that Dina Nath takes it on him and tries to trade with her. She asks for 50 crores in return for the tape and constituency.
Release Date06-March-2015

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