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Company (कम्पनी) 2002

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BannerVarma Corporation, Vyjayanthi Movies
Director Ram Gopal Varma
WriterJaideep Sahni
Producer Ram Gopal Varma , C. Ashwini Dutt, Boney Kapoor
Orginal musicSandeep Chowta
CinematographyHemant Chaturvedi
Film EditingChandan Arora
Art DirectorR. Verman Shetty
Camera OperatorA. Gopal
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersAsha Bhosle, Sapna Awasthi , Sudesh Bhosle, Altaf Raja, Babul Supriyo, Sonali Bajpayee, Sandeep Chowta, Soumya
CharacterActor / Actress
Mallik Ajay Devgn
Saroja Manisha Koirala
RanibaiSeema Biswas
ChandrakantVivek Oberoi
KannuAntara Mali
Vilas PanditAkash Khurana
Aslam bhaiMadan Joshi
Home Minister RahuteBharat Dabholkar
YadavGanesh Yadav
KrishnanAshraf Ul Haq
KenkareAkshay Verma
Koda SinghVijay Raaz
AkramMukesh Bhatt
Mental WarsiManoj Goyal
JosephRajpal Yadav
DavidSabir Masani
Ravi PawarPankaj Budhama
SharmaHemant Mishra
SaeedRajendra Sethi
AneesPankaj Jha
GadgilRajesh Tandon
Insp. SawantHarsh Chhaya
Insp. NavlekarMukul Nag
Insp. PrafulShanu Dey
Insp. RathoreAjit Bhagat
Surti's manGopal K. Singh
Naved KhanAryaman Sapru
Sanam KumarNeeraj Vora
Film heroineRushali
Srinivasan's wifeKirtida
Srinivasan's daughterDwani
Srinivasan's daughterMithila
NarratorMakrand Deshpande
Special AppearanceIsha Koppikar
Special AppearanceUrmila Matondkar
The film highlights the economics behind running an Indian mafia organization. In the opening of the film, Ajay Devgan describes the modus operandi of underworld. He states "Despite anybody telling anything else, in this world everything is done for profit, so is this business. We don't pay taxes, neither do we keep accounts; For this work is done by inducing fear. Anybody can join us anytime, but can never resign. Whoever breaks our law, is broken by us. Here friendship, respect or honesty, the only real reason behind all these is same thing -- Profit". During murder / extortion scenes following, Ajay Devgan adds "profit happens -- like this, like this or like that".

The story revolves around a young man named Chandu (full name : Chandarkant Nagre) (played by Vivek Oberoi) joining the world of crime in the Mumbai underworld to "make it big" someday. Gradually he learns tricks of the trade and increases the gang's earnings and profits. This leads to his affinity with Malik (played by Ajay Devgan) who is the leader of the gang.

The film features one cold blooded murder scene wherein Malik and Chandu kill Saeed and his brother Anis in the rear seat of the car on a chilling rainy day. Thereafter Malik goes on a bloody rampage killing all his opponents, so as to take the reins of underworld in his hands.

They include his rival gang leader and colleague under Aslam's umbrella Sharma, who was in a meeting with police inspector Rathod, also killed off. Inspector Rathod, who once tortured and abused Chandu in jail in early days, was also killed at Malik's permission.

However, both come at loggerheads during the execution of a contract killing. Here a slight influence of Scarface can be felt when the hero refuses to go ahead because the victim's children would also be killed - (Al Pacino shoots down his Bolivian partner's cold-blooded killing expert to stop the bomb explosion arranged by him and thus digs his own grave : Chandu stops the deliberate vehicle crash and falls from Malik's favor.) The contract was from a politician who tries to use Malik's gang to eliminate a front-runner, a contender for Home Minister's post. The assassination (a staged truck-car collision) takes place in-spite of Chandu's emotional misdemeanor since Malik, not relaying on Chandu anymore, takes reins in his own hands and gives direct orders.

The rift between Chandu and Malik widens due to various misunderstandings. The Commissioner of Police, Sreenivasan IPS (Mohanlal) makes use of the rift to bring the mafia under control. Chandu and Malik end up becoming bitter enemies. After Chandu's retaliation of the assassination of his lifelong friend of one of lieutenants Warsi, two factions of Mumbai's once most powerful gang 'Company' went to a full scale war.

Malik and Chandu killed as many members of each opponent gangs as possible. Sreenivasan, as the police chief of the city of murders due to the war, became criticized greatly, but he and his men knew this war ultimately is shortening the to do list of his department. Big number of button men and lieutenants from both gangs were being killed. The war results in an intense chase sequence shot in Kenya where Malik hires hitmen to kill Chandu.

However Chandu survives, though he is injured severely. Sreenivasan convinces Chandu to come back to Mumbai and fight his war with Malik by helping the police bring the mafia under control.

The film reaches its climax when Chandu kills the politician (the mastermind of the contract killing) within the prison. At the same time, one of Chandu's aides named Koda Singh, who swore revenge to kill who went against his friend Chandu, shoots Malik point blank to death in Hong Kong.

This shows, Chandu and Malik came to a truce but Chandu never withdrew his order to Koda to kill Malik. It's not confirmed that whether Chandu has forgotten to withdraw his orders or deliberately kept that on. But, after the assassination Sreenivasan notified Chandu and Chandu became tremendously shocked at this news. So, possibly Chandu forgot to send a come back call to Koda.

Koda Singh was arrested by Hong Kong Police on that day. The film ends, showing Chandu spending the rest of his life in prison after being persuaded by the Police Commissioner to surrender.
Release date15-Apr-02
Filmfare Awards

Won, Critics' Award for Best Actor - Ajay Devgn
Won, Critics' Award for Best Actress - Manisha Koirala
Won, Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Vivek Oberoi
Won, Best Debut - Vivek Oberoi
Won, Best Dialogue - Jaideep Sahni
Won, Best Editing - Chandan Arora
Won, Best Story - Jaideep Sahni
Nominated, Best Actor - Ajay Devgan
Nominated, Best Actress - Manisha Koirala
Nominated', Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Mohanlal
Nominated, Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Antara Mali
Nominated, Best Director - Ram Gopal Varma
Nominated, Best Film

IIFA Awards

Won, IIFA Best Supporting Actor Award - Mohanlal
Won, Award for Technical Excellence - Best Action - Allan Amin
Won, Best Editing - Chandan Arora

Bollywood Movie Awards

Won, Bollywood Movie Award – Best Director - Ram Gopal Varma

Star Screen Awards

Won, 2002:Best Actor Award - Ajay Devgn
Won, 2002:Best supporting Actor Award - Mohan Lal
Won, 2002:Star Screen Award Most Promising Newcomer - Male for Vivek Oberoi
Not Available


Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni, Taabish Romani, Nitin Raikwar | Music: Sandeep Chowta

1. Bachke Tu Rehna | बचके तू रेहना     
Voice: Asha Bhosle, Sapna Awasthi , Sudesh Bhosle

2. Tumse Kitna Pyaar | तुमसे कितना प्यार     
Voice: Altaf Raja

3. Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar | प्यार प्यार प्यार     
Voice: Babul Supriyo, Sonali Bajpayee

4. Sab Ganda Hai | सब गन्दा है     
Voice: Sandeep Chowta

5. Aankhon Mein Raho | आँखों में रहो     
Voice: Soumya

6. Bachke Tu Rehna (Remix) | बचके तू रेहना     
Voice: Sapna Awasthi , Sudesh Bhosle, Asha Bhosle

7. Company Theme | कंपनी थीम     

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