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Chintuji (चिंटूजी) 2009


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BannerSumanth Art Productions
Music DirectorMani Sharma
CinematographyShekar V Josaph
Film EditingA Sreekar Prasad
Art Director
Camrea Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersShankar Mahadevan, Sherya Gosal, Mallikarjuna, Sujatha, Udit Narayana, Karthik, K.S.Chitra
AjayMahesh Babu
Swapna ReddyBhoomika Chawala
Father of AjayMukesh Rishi
Obul ReddyPrakash Raj
Mother of AjayGeetha
Sister of AjayNiharika
Ajay (Mahesh Babu), is a young Kabbadi player who goes to factionism hit Kurnool to take part in a life changing match, which decides his sports future. There, in a twist of fate, he saves Swapna Reddy (Bhoomika Chawla), from Obul Reddy (Prakash Raj), a dangerous faction leader, who is in love with Swapna and wants to marry her against her wishes. Ajay tries to comfort her because Obul Reddy killed both brothers of Swapna. Ajay brings Swapna to his house in Hyderabad and decides to send her abroad to save her from Obul Reddy. This is complicated by the fact that Swapna falls in love with Ajay and that Ajay's dad is the top Cop in charge of finding Swapna, as per the order of corrupt home minister (Rajan P. Dev) of the state. The home minister is into helping Obul Reddy. Ajay conceals swapna in Charminar, this forms an integral part of the story. Whether Ajay is able to achieve his Kabbadi target and whether, Swapna & Ajay unite is the crux of the story
Release Date15-January-2003
Budget10 crore (US$1.6 million)
Revenue25 crore (US$3.9 million)
Brett MurraNandi Awards:

Best Feature Film (Silver) - M.S. Raju
Best Director - Gunasekhar
Best Music Director - Mani Sharma
Best Cinematographer - Sekhar V. Joseph
Best Editor - A. Sreekar Prasad
Best Art Director - Ashok
Best Choreographer - Raju Sundaram
Best Fight Master - Vijayan

Filmfare Awards:

Best Film - M.S. Raju
Best Director - Gunasekhar
Best Actor - Mahesh Babu
Best Music Director - Mani Sharma

Santosham Film Awards
Best Film - M.S. Raju
Best Villain - Prakash Raj
Best Art Direction - Ashok

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