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Chandan (चन्दन) 1958

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BannerDosi Films
Director M.V.Raman
WriterM.S. Solaimalai
ProducerFali Mistry
Orginal music Madan Mohan
CinematographyFali Mistry
Film EditingManohar Prabhu
Art DirectorV. Jadhav Rao
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Geet? Dut , Mohammad Rafi , Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar
CharacterActor / Actress
Kishore Kumar
Mala Sinha
Karan Dewan
Johnny Walker
David Abraham
K.N. Singh
Human beings are mere clay dolls in the hands of blind Destiny. That is the conception of the ancient Greeks, who blind folded placed the God of Destiny on a wheel it keeps on darting its arrows against the helpless humanity. . When Rukmini, a very rich and golden hearted woman, was bestowed with two beaugiful sons, she felt that she was the lukiest being alive on Gods earth, little knowing that her happiness was but short lived. For besides being left a widow she is also robbed of all her belongi- ngs and left on the strrets by Moti, her own brother-in-law But destiny was not be satisfied by just this. Moti and his devilish feminine interest plan to permanently rob Rukmuni of her two children. But here they do not meet with absolute success for child Chandan who was kidnapped by a Goonada and left to die on the street, is found by Bhola, the faithful sevent of Ruknini and here Chandan grows up to become a needy knife frinder. On the other hand child Gopal is taken care of by the Kind Father Joseph who had given shelter to Ruknini and under his able guidence Gopal gows to become a Judge. . moti implicates Ruknini in a first degree murder and she is sentenced to 14 years imprisonment. Her only hopw of exstence are her two children. After serving the sentence she starts the search for them and meets them on seeral occasions without knowing their identity. . Ranjana, a lw gradute and siter of a Police Inspector, falls in love with Chandan despite the fact that he is uneducated. Chandan comes in contact with Moti, his uncle and the chief architect of his familys ruin. The meein result sin Chandan being implicated in the murder of Rati. He files for his life but is ultimately booked by the Police and is brought to traila in the same court where his own brother is the Judge. . Chandans lady love Ranjan becomes the defence Advocate on his behalf while Rajanas own brohter is the Prosecuting Inspector. Brother against brother, brother against sister, a mothers heart torn between her two sons, one seated at the post of dignity and duty and the other standing at teh dock to be delivered into the jaws of death!
Release date1958
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Rajendra Krishan | Music: Madan Mohan

1. Aankh Milane Ke | आँख मिलाने के     
Voice: Geetā Dut

2. Bada Hi CID Hai | बड़ा ही सिद है     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi

3. Bhare Pade Hai | भरे पड़े है     
Voice: Kishore Kumar

4. Jab Thoda Thoda | जब थोडा थोडा     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

5. Mohobbat Na Hoti | मोहोब्बत न होती     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar

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