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Bumper Offer (బంపర్ ఆఫర్) 2009

Bumper Offer 2009

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BannerVaishno Acdamey
DirectorJaya Ravindra
ProducerPuri Jagannadh
Music DirectorRaghu Kunche
Film Editing
Art Director
Camrea Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersNilayini, Savitha Reddy, Vinaya Gopalakrishnana, Rahul Nambiar, Raghu Kunche, Chorus
Sairam Shankar
Bindu Madhavi
Sayaji Shinde
Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam
MS Narayana
Kovai Sarala
Chandra Mohan
Jaya Prakash Reddy
Venu Madhav
Sai (Sairam Shankar) completes his education and wastes his time. He refuses to marry as her mother Ramanamma (Kovai Sarala) wanted to put some responsibility on him. Sai"s father Rao is a clerk with a real estate firm run by Surya Prakash (Sayaji Shinde).

Once, Surya Prakash"s daughter Aiswarya (Bindu Madhavi) breaks the leg of Sai mistaking him to be someone who tried to tease her. This makes him lose his heart to Aiswarya. After a few turn of events, Aiswarya too falls flat for Sai. But this irks Surya Prakash who tried to thrash both Rao and Sai black and blue. Aiswarya reaches the spot and warns that she would shoot herself if any harm is done to them. Surya Prakash budges to the situation and gives an offer to Sai to earn at least five per cent value of his assets and marry Aiswarya. But the latter refuses the offer saying that he is giving another bumper offer to Surya Prakash that he would make him lose his entire property and assets and pull him down to the earth and make him equal to their family to catch the hand of Aiswarya.

What plans did Sai make to make Surya Prakash bankrupt? What happens to the love between Sai and Aiswarya? Who is Mallikarjun and what kind of help or harm did he do to Sai? Did Sai emerge victorious in teaching a lesson to Surya Prakash? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.
Release Date23-October-2009

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