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Brahma Rudrulu (బ్రహ్మ రుద్రులు) 1986

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BannerVyjayanthi Movies
DirectorK Murali Mohan Rao
WriterParuchuri Brothers
ProducerAshwini Dutt
Music DirectorChakravarthy
Film EditingKotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Art DirectorBhaskara Raju
Camera OperatorSheshu
Assistant CameramenShiva, Seenu, Rajan
Playback SingersSP Balu, S.Janaki, P.Susheela
Justice Jagadesh Chandra PrasadAkkineni Nageswara Rao
Satya PrasadVenkatesh
Club DancerMandakini
Balagam BrahmajiParuchuri Gopala Krishna
ChelamayahNutan Prasad
Marideswara RaoPrabhakar Reddy
Balgam RajuBenarjee
Justice Jagadesh Chandra Prasad (Akkineni Nageswara Rao) is a disciple of Justice. He once gives a judgement on Balagam Brahmaji (Paruchuri Gopala Krishna) that his election is not valid, for that he develops enmity on Jagadesh Chandra Prasad, he traps Jagadesh Chandra Prasad's brother-in-law Balaram (Ranganath) in a murder case for that Jagadesh Chandra Prasad gives death sentence to him, from that day onwards his sister Kanaka Durga (Sumitra) develops hatred on him and leaves his house.

After 25 years Satya Prasad / Satyam (Venkatesh) nephew of Jagadesh Chandra Prasad is again trapped in a murder case by Balagam Brahmaji and gang only, while escaping from police he saves Jagadesh Chandra Prasad's wife Sujatha (Lakshmi) from thieves and takes shelter in their house as a servant without knowing they are his uncle & aunt and gains their affection. Ganga (Rajani) a milk selling girl loves Satyam. Due to their children doesn't have any affection on them expect on their money, Jagadesh Chandra Prasad couple decides to adopt Satyam, after the adoption Jagadesh Chandra Prasad comes to know that Satyam is criminal who killed a girl Jyothi (Ranjani) and he is none other than his sister Kanaka Durga's son, even Satyam too.

Satyam is arrested. Jagadesh Chandra Prasad meets him in jail and asks him actually what has happened, then Satyam reveals the truth. Jyothi is daughter of Marideswara Rao (Prabhakar Reddy) partner to Balagam Brahmaji, Satyam & Jyothi studied in same college and they love each other, Balagam Raju (Benerjee) son of Balagam Brahmaji's elder brother is always opponent to Satyam in college who want to marry Jyothi. One day in a quarrel Balagam Raju killed Jyothi and implicated Satyam.

Jagadesh Chandra Prasad takes up Satyam's case as defense council and almost in the edge to win, to stop him to attending the case Balagam Brahmaji kills his wife Sujatha, even then he attends the court and brings out Satyam on bail to give funeral to his wife as her last wish. Now Jagadesh Chandra Prasad decides to take revenge against Balagam Brahmaji and gang. He joins with Satyam traps all the baddies and proves that Satyam is innocent. Finally, Jagadesh Chandra Prasad kills Balagam Brahmaji and surrenders himself to judiciary.
Release Date14-November-1986

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