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Boss (బాస్) 2006

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BannerKamakshi Kala Movies
DirectorV N Adithya
WriterV N Adithya, Chintapalli Ramana
ProducerD Siva Prasad Reddy
Production executiveAkkineni Venkata Ratnam, K V Krishna Vardhan
Music DirectorKalyani Malik
CinematographyJ Shivakumar
Film EditingMarthand K Venkatesh
Art DirectorB Anand Sai
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersHemchandra, Nihal, Suneetha, Tippu, Smitha, Sumangali, Gayatri, KK
CharacterActor / Actress
Gopal 'GK' Krishna Nagarjuna
Shruti RamprakashPoonam Bajwa
GK's assistantSunil
Sanjana G. KhannaShriya
Nagarjuna SagarAli
S.R.K.Sayaji Shinde
Dharmavarapu Subramanyam
Orphanage Operator Chandramohan
Abhay Brahmanandam
Tanikella Bharani
Raghu Babu
Nicolette Bird
Lakshman Rao Kondavalasa
Venu Madhav
Raghava Malladi
Raghunatha Reddy
SRK (Sayaji Shinde) is a real estate contractor. He uses muscle power to encroach land and makes money. His business rival Gopala Krishna @ GK (Nagarjuna) is the 'Boss' of GK Constructions. GK has the power to handle goons as well as the real estate business. He calls for applications from MBA graduates as his personal secretary. None of the applicants reach his expectations. He accidentally meets Anuradha (Anu) (Nayantara) and thinks that she is fit for the job. As a 'Boss' he is tough with his staff, at the same time, he has lots of concern over them. During a trip to Malaysia, Anu and GK get closer and Anu loses her heart to GK. When she was about to reveal her love, Anu involves in a petty issue and faces the wrath of GK. Consequently, she resigns to her job. GK calls for interviews for his personal secretary again and zeroes in on Sruthi (Poonam Bajwa). In fact, she was planted in GK's office by none other than SRK. In order to get her father Rammurthy released from a false case, in which he was implicated by SRK, Sruthi steals a tender file. However, she did not hand it over to SRK, but demands her father's release. The crooked SRK did not listen to her. At this juncture, she tries to escape from the scene and gets saved by GK at the instance of Anu. However, Anu injures in the attack by goons in the process, but goes straight to the Tenders office and files the tender to save GK from a huge loss and to fulfil his ambition of securing the dream project. When GK was about to thank her, she reveals her love towards him only to know about the love story of GK. In the flashback, GK reveals that he loved Sanjana (Shriya) and got her married. But she dies in tsunami attack. He says he can't expect someone to replace Sanjana. GK refuses Anu's love politely. As the time goes by, Sanjana's mother Sumitra (Sumalatha) dies of illness in Malaysia and her husband Viswanath (Nasar) tells GK that her last wish is the marriage of GK with Anu. GK also gets a feeling that Sanjana also wants the same. He returns to India and unites with Anu and the film ends on a happy note.
Release date27-September-2006

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