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Bhatti Vikramarka (భట్టి విక్రమార్క) 1960

Show details

BannerP.V.V.S.M. Productions
ProducerP. V. V. Satyanarayana Murthy
Music DirectorP.Nageswararao
CinematographyAdi M. Irani
Film EditingN. M. Shankar
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersGhantasala ,P.Susheela, A P Komala, Jikki
CharacterActor / Actress
Vikramarka Maharaju, King of UjjainN.T.Rama
Bhatti, Minister of UjjainKantarao
Prabhavathi DeviAnjali Devi
MantrikuduS.V.Ranga Rao
Tirakasu, ShilpacharyaRelangi
Assistant to MantrikuduBalakrishna
Kuchala Kumari
The story is based on the historical characters of Bhatti and Vikramarka. It also shows some of the Bethala Kathalu (Stories of Vetala).

Indra invites Vikramarka to Heaven and requests him to decide who is the best dancer between Rambha and Urvasi. Vikramarka gives two garlands to them to wear and dance. The garland worn by Urvasi stays fresh, whereas that one worn by Rambha withers. He judges Urvasi as the best dancer, as she is fearless about her performance and win. As a token of gratitude, Indra gifts him a Simhasanam with 32 Salabhanjikas.

Prachandudu performs 99 yagnas and in search of 100th yagna to achieve some magical powers. Mantrikudu told him to invite Vikramarka for the sacrifice. He agrees and reaches the Smasanavatika, where he told him to get Vetala, who is hanging from a tree. He cuts the rope and getting Vetala on his shoulder back. While his return he narrates a tricky social problem and asks Vikramarka to answer. After successfully answering all the stories, Vetala instructs him about the ill intention of Prachanda. Prachanda on his return asks Vikramarka to perform Sashtang Pranam. The cautious Vikramarka tells him as a king he does not know how to do it and requests him show how to do it. He kills Prachanda while he is on Pranam and gets the magical powers.
Release date1960

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