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Bharati (भारती) 1954

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BannerKardar Productions
DirectorJ.K. Nanda
WriterJ.K. Nanda
Orginal musicRoshan
CinematographyAnwar Pabani
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersAsha Bhosle,hemanth kumar
Johnny Walker
Om Prakash
Shyam Kumar
Chand Usmani
Leela Mishra
To find a suitable match for our girls is a terrific problem that faces us all. The problem becomes more difficult when the parents have limited means, and the girl is victim of religious superstition i.e. Mangleek. Poor Lajo had all these difficulties. . Her widowed mother depended for the arrangement of her daughters marriage on Sunder, her son, and her brother Bishan Das who was school master and riled with an iron birch in his hand, into his own asked and deputed to find a sutable husband for his sister Lajo, but he landed himself into his own matrimony. The hillarious circumstances under which he was married became memorable events in his life and when the bride Piloo reached home, his uncle did not allow Sunder to have his conjugla bliss. He along with Sunder started a fresh compaign for the sarch of a husband for poor Lajo. The hunt was full of adventures and embroiled them in many difficult stituations. . Piloos sweet rememberances hanuted Sunder. One night in despair, leaving his uncle, he reached home and to expose his falsehood. Mother and uncle jered at him and he vowed nevr to return home until he had found a suitable match for his sister. Eventually the girl Lajo is married to one Atmaram whose father is a jew. He had his pound of flesh at the time of the marriage, but not being contented with it, he increased his demands and forced his son Atmaram not to keep his wife in the house until his demands were satisfied. Poor Lajo was kicked from her home and she was forced to poison herself, but was stopped by Mamus accidental appearance. Atlast, Atmaram realised his responsibility toweads his wife and boldly confronted his father.
Release Date1954
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Raja Mehdi Ali Khan | Voice:Asha Bhosle,hemanth kumar | Music: Roshan

1. Aa Jaa Woh | आ जा वोह     

2. Aa Phir Se Mere | आ फिर से मेरे     

3. Dhak Dhak Dhak | धक् धक् धक्     

4. Haye Koi Keh | हाय कोई कह     

5. Kahin Door Koyaliya | कहीं दूर कोयलिया     

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