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Bharathan (பரதன்) 1992

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BannerRowther Films
DirectorSabapathy Dekshinamurthy
WriterSabapathy Dekshinamurthy
ProducerA. S. Ibrahim Rowther
Production executive
Production CompanyRowther Films
Music Director Ilaiyaraaja
Film EditingG. Jayachandran
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Ilaiyaraaja , Mano , S. Janaki , K.S. Chithra
CharacterActor / Actress
Bharathan a.k.a Bharath Vijayakanth
Ramkumar S.P.Balasubramanyam
C.I.D. JohnsonNapoleon
Ramkumar's laborerVagai Chandrasekhar
Bharath's cellmateVasu Vikram
Gangadharan's manR. Sundarrajan
Gangadharan's right handPonnambalam
Uttam SinghSrihari
a special appearance Prabhu Deva
Bharath (Vijayakanth), a youth, is sent to jail from a crime and he is sentenced to the death penalty.
Bharath was in love with Indhu (Bhanupriya). He had a brother Ramkumar (S. P. Balasubrahmanyam) and a sister-in-law Janaki (Sangeetha). His brother dreamt to see him as a government officer but Bharath was a kick-boxing champion.
Ramkumar disappeared and Bharath look for him. Ramkumar's laborer (Vagai Chandrasekhar) explained to Bharath what happened to his brother. Gangadharan (Anandaraj), a powerful businessman, helped Ramkumar in his business. Ramkumar was grateful to him, Gangadharan took some advantages and began to smuggle alcohol illegally in Ramkumar's company. When Ramkumar decided to say it to the police, he was kidnapped by Gangadharan. Gangadharan delivered his brother dead and Bharath is arrested for murder. Bharath appoints his family friend Viswanathan as advocate but Viswanathan, ally with Gangadharan, betrayed him and Bharath was sentenced to the Capital punishment. Janaki committed suicide.
In jail, Bharath makes friends with his cellmates and they escape from the jail to punish Gangadharan. Johnson (Napoleon), an honest C.I.D officer, is appointed to protect Gangadharan. Bharath kills the traitor Viswanathan. Bharath threatens the commissioner and his family to kill more easily Gangadharan.
Indhu is kidnapped by Gangadharan's henchmen and Bharath saves her. Shameful to protect a criminal and worried to punish an innocent, the commissioner and Johnson tries to stop Bharath. Bharath kills Gangadharan and he is sent to jail.
Release date16 April 1992
Awards: Unknown.


Music: Ilaiyaraaja

1. Azhage Amuthe | அழகே அமுதே     
Voice: Ilaiyaraaja

2. Nalveenai Naatham | நல்வீணை நாதம்     
Voice: Ilaiyaraaja

3. Pottathalem | போட்டதலம்     
Voice: Mano

4. Punnakaiyil Minsaram | புன்னகையில் மின்சாரம்     
Voice: S. Janaki , Ilaiyaraaja

5. Vaa Vaathiyare | வா வாத்தியரே     
Voice: K.S. Chithra

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