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Bhairava Dweepam (భైరవ ద్వీపం) 1994

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BannerChandamama Vijaya Combines
DirectorSeengetham Srinivasa Rao
WriterRavi Kondala Rao
ProducerB Venkatarami Reddy
Music DirectorMadhava Peddi Suresh
Film EditingD Rajagopal
Art DirectorPeketi Ranga
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersS.P.Balasubrahmanyam, Chithra, Janaki, Shandhiya
CharacterActor / Actress
VijayBala Krishna
Padma DeviRoja
Mettappa SastryPadmanabham
Brahmananda BhupatiKaikala Satyanarayana
Giri Babu
Babu Mohan
Subhalekha Sudhakar
VasundharaK R Vijaya
Sowkar Janaki
Jayachandra Maharaja of Chandraprabha Dynasty deserts a Vasundhara (K. R. Vijaya), a woman who gives birth to a male child (Balakrishna). Vasundhara loses her child in the cyclone whist rowing in circular boat. She is found at the bank of a river near Jamadagni Muni Ashram. Jamadagni shows a mystic flower to Vasundhara and reveals that the son will be alive as long as the flower remains in bloom. The child is found at the bank of a river near a village of Kotala Kona. A couple in a tribe living there adopt the child and name him as Vijay. Once Vijay and Kondanna (Babu Mohan) goes for a tree of water, which gives immortality. From there Vijay hears a song by a princess Padma Devi (Roja Selvamani) in a Vasanta Vanam (a garden). He admires her beauty and escapes from the scene. The soldiers report this incident in the court of Brahmananda Bhupati (Kaikala Satyanarayana) of Kartikeya Dynasty. Vijaya intrudes into the castle to the see Padma secretly. He speaks with padma and escapes from the king's castle successfully with his sword fight skill. As a result, Padma falls in love with Vijay. Brahmananda Bhupati invites the young warriors to Swayamvara. Vijay and Kondanna (Babu Mohan) arrives to the castle in disguise. At the same time Giri Babu (Uttar) & Subhaleka Sudhakar (Dakshin), sons of Jayachandra Maharaja's second wife too arrive to the castle. Confused Brahmananda Bhupati allows both parties to stay in the castle for one day. After a song with Padma, Vijay's disguise is revealed in the castle.In a very far away Island, Bhairava, a wizard – who aims at winning immortality, is performing kshudra puja for the giant sculpture of dark goddess. Wanting to sacrifice a virgin's blood for the dark goddess, at a night, with his magic, he brings Padma, along with the bed, to the Island. In the trance Padma gives a word to the dark goddess that she will come back on the next full moon day for her offering. The same night, Bhairava sends Padma back her castle. Next morning Brahmananda Bhupati calls in a court doctor to medicate Padma. The doctor reveals that she was affected by black magic. Brahmananda Bhupati is made to mistake that a tribal man like Vijay could have performed such black magic. Vijay is secured with the chains and brought into the castle by the soldiers. When Brahmananda Bhupati reveals that Padmani was taken ill, Vijay unchains himself and meets Padma in the castle. Padma reveals what happened at that full moon night. Vijay escapes from the chase of soldiers, but falls unconscious at a place near Jamadagni Ashram. Vasundhara and few men see Vijaya in unconsciousness. After the death of Queen, Uttar and Dakshin grabs the throne of Chandraprabha Dynasty, by leaving their father alone in a desert. In Jamadagni Ashram Vijay comes out from unconsciousness. Vasudhara and Vijay could not recognize to each other. Vijay reveals the princess Padma has a life threat on coming full moon night. Vasudhara blesses Vijay, by tying a magical rope to his arm. The wizard fog comes again into the castle to put all into unconscious. Vijay sees Padma along with her cot is magically flying into the air. He jumps and hangs to a side of the flying bed. He is pulled down by some roots which come up from a cave near to the Island of Bhairava. Vijay slays the roots which results a hermit cursed nymph to regain her form. As a gratitude, the nymph blesses Vijay with a magical ring and reveals that Bhairava is about to sacrifice Padma on a full moon night. Vijay enters the cave in which the Bhairava is performing Kshudrapuja to the dark goddess. Bhairava advices Padma to have a bath and wear sacrificial costume. At the pool in the cave Vijay brings Padma from the trance. With the help of the magical ring, Vijay takes Padma on the bed, whilst Bhairava is performing puja facing towards the dark goddess. Bhairava sends a two headed dragon to stop Vijay taking Padma on the Cot. The dragon separates Vijay from the cot, but the bed reaches the castle. Vijay kills the dragon in the air. The dragon bursts out and Vijay is dropped down into the sea. A couple of naughty devils (Suthi Velu and Kovai Sarala) finds Vijay falling unconscious on the desert shore of the sea. With the magic, the devils bring Vijay to consciousness. Their story was that they were devils in the court of Bhairava. They stood against the evil sorcery, for why Bhairva stuffed them in a bottle and threw the bottle at the shore of the sea, sharing a border with the desert. They were redeemed out when a blind man had kicked the bottle. To feed the hungry blind man, they grab the fruits from Tuumburadeva (God of music) temple. When the blind man is about to eat the plate of fruits, a white flying horse prevents him eating by kicking the plate. Thence the devils are making him to eat, but the horse is preventing him to eat by kicking the plate. The devils plead Vijay to convince the horse and make the blind man to eat the food, so that they can take the leave. Vijay with his art of music convinces the horse. With Vijay's plead to the horse, the blind man regains his previous form of king. The naughty devils reveals to Vijay that Sata-ratna (100 gem) Necklace found in Yakshini Loka, would protect Padma from the threat of Bhairava. Vijay directs the king to Kotala Kona. Brahmananda Bhupati announces that he would give half of the dynasty along wit his daughter in marriage, to the one who saves his daughter. As directed by the naughty devils Vijay travels towards the east and reaches Yakshini Loka, where he meets Lilliputs. In a comic incident Vijay saves Lilliputs. The Lilliputs help Vijay to reach Yakshini Loka and shows the locked room in which the necklace is placed. A Yakshini (Rambha) start to dance on seeing Vijay, whilst the Lilliputs begin to find the key for opening the door. In the dance Vijay finds the key tied to the ankle of Yakshini. In false romance with Yakshini, the Lilliput steals the key. Vijay enters into the room by facing hurdes and then enters a room of glasses. In the room of glasses he fights with a dreadful monster, which has life in the glasses. The case of necklace appears upon Vijay killing the monster by breaking the glasses. Yakshini curses Vijay who is rushing out with the necklace. To the curse Vijay totally loses his handsomeness and turns into a very ugly man. Yakshini reveals that the necklace will lose its power if Vijay reveals out any one who he is. On a full moon night, Vijay, in the form of an ugly man, enters the castle with the necklace and pleads Padma to wear it. Padma and others could not recognize who the ugly man is. In the panic, Padma wears the necklace, which drives off the death fog entering the castle. Brahmananda Bhupati remembers of his promise and arranges for the marriage between the ugly man and Padma. Bhairava sends a devil in the disguise of a priest by name Mattepa Sastri (Padmanabham) to upset the marriage. Mattepa Sastri says that the necklace was stolen by the ugly man from Vijay. In anger Padma throws the necklace down. As a result, the necklace loses its power and Mattepa Sastri vanishes from there along with Padma and appears at Bhairavudu. Brahmananda Bhupati realizes that the ugly man was Vijay. Vijay returns to Jamadagni Ashram to meet Vasundhara. The ugly man reveals his flashback. Vasundhara realizes that the ugly man to be her son and reveals that Chandraprabha Maharaja to be his father. Vijay invokes the horse. Vasundhara prays for a goddess and takes all the ugly of her son. Vijay regains his shape to her prayer and goes to the Bhairava Dweepa on the white horse to save Padma from the sacrifice. In the fight Vijay slays the head of Bhairava with the sacrificial sword. Bhairava dies and it results in the collapse of the dark goddess along with the ruin of the cave. Vijay escapes out with Padma. The nymph appears again and regains the shape of his mother. Vijay reaches the castle with Padma. The movie ends with the happy marriage of Padma with Vijay and the union of Chandraprabha Dynasty and Kartikeya Dynasty.
Release date1994
Nandi Awards:

Best Feature Film: Bhairava Dweepam
Best Director: Singeetam Srinivas Rao
Best Male Playback Singer: S.P.Balasubrahmanyam
Best Female Playback Singer: S.Janaki

Filmfare Awards:

Best Actor(telugu): Nandamuri Balakrishna
Best Director: Singeetam Srinivas Rao

Kabir Lal won Special jury Award by the Andhra Pradesh Govt.

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