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Arundhati (అరుంధతి) 2009


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BannerMallemala Entertainments
DirectorKodi Ramakrishna
WriterChintapalli Ramana
ProducerM. Shyam Prasad Reddy
Music Director Koti
CinematographyK.K. Senthil Kumar
Film EditingMarthand K. Venkatesh
Art DirectorAshok
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSandeep, Srikrishna , Kushi Murali , K.S. Chitra, Karunya , Khailash Kher
Arundhathi/Jejamma Anushka Shetty
PasupathiSonu Sood
RahulArjan Bajwa
AnwarSayaji Shinde
Bhupathi RajaKaikala Satyanarayana
Anita Raichurkar
Ahuti Prasad
Chalapati Rao
Siva Parvati
Young ArundhatiDivya Nagesh
Arundhati (Anushka Shetty)(meaning -a fire which is already blown)(arunda means blown ,ti means fire) is the great-granddaughter of the Raja of Gadwal, Mahasamsthan. Arrangements are being made for her marriage. Arundhati visits her native place before marriage. She is the first female to be born since her great grand grandmother and is especially revered in the family. While everyone else treats her normally, her grandfather, the head of the family, talks to her with respect as if she is older than him. She receives a misleading phone call in her fiance Rahul's (Arjan Bajwa) voice asking her to come to the fort of Gadwal, where she faces a horrible revelation. Learning the story from an aged servant maid, Chandramma (Manorama), Arundhati comes to know that she is a look alike of her great-grandmother Arundhati/Jejjamma (Anushka).

Jejjama's story is not a happy one. Jejjamma is an expert in painting, dancing and martial arts (essential skills for princesses). Her elder sister is married to her cousin Pasupathi (Sonu Sood). Pasupathi, a womaniser, rapes the women he likes and kills those who objected. While Jejjama was still a young girl, he rapes and killed her blind dance teacher while Jejjama watched, horrified through the peephole. Jejjama, furious, demands that he be thrashed and killed but the King remorsefully tells her that this would ruin her sister's life and so he cannot order Pasupathi's demise. Hearing this, Jejjamma's sister commits suicide. The people of Gadwal furiously thrash Pasupathi, injuring him severely. They tie him to his horse. Though Gadwal celebrates his death, he is saved by Aghoras (saints who practice the dark arts). Pasupathi masters the Tantric arts and returns to Gadwal many years later to exact his revenge.

He unleashes carnage as he uses his powers to torture innocent people-something the Aghoras don't do. He arrives on Jejjama's marriage day and kills her family and guests. Jejjamma performs a special dance (which she had been taught by her dead dance teacher) imbued with martial arts to lull Pasupathi and then cuts off his tongue (thus ending the incantations) and pins his hands, ultimately cutting off the ropes of a chandelier and allowing it to fall on his body. She spares him from being killed to prevent him from becoming a 'pretatma' (a demonic poltergeist). Pasupathi is buried alive in a tomb and powerful 'yantras' (defensive spells) with inscriptions from Vedas and the holy scriptures are put on it to prevent him from coming out. Jejjamma, as a final measure, goes to the Aghories for help. They tell her that Pasupathi cannot be killed the way she is now and she must be reborn again in order to kill him. She sacrifices her own life and goes through intense torture-enduring coconuts being broken on her head and the like, while mantras are chanted. Before she dies, she tells her son that she will be reborn as the first daughter to be born in the family. This is the reason that Arundhathi's grandfather always treats her with respect. The queen dies, her body is burnt, and her relics are fashioned into a dagger – the one weapon that could destroy Pasupathi forever.

After this revelation through a flashback, a worker in a trance, unknowingly breaks the tomb and releases the 'pretatma'. The revenge drama ensues again. Anwar (Sayaji Shinde) who treats patients through sorcery tells her that she is none other than Jejamma and asks her to fight Pasupathi. From the portrait of Jejjamma which was painted by Jejjamma herself during her last days in the fort, Arundhati comes to know that her great-grandmother had prepared a 'weapon' with her own bones and had kept it with siddhas(Sage). Anwar and Arundhati proceed to procure the weapon, and while doing so, Anwar meets with an accident and falls off a cliff.

Arundhati, believing that Anwar is dead, is left with no option but to return to the fort to surrender herself to Pasupathi, to prevent the death of her family members. Anwar, who survives the fall, collects the weapon and hands it to Arundhati. The siddhas who crafted the weapon for Jejjamma tell Anwar that the weapon has to be soaked in Arundhathi's blood before it can be used. Otherwise it will not know that the opponent is a villain. Arundathi tries to kill Pasupathi but it does not work. Before Anwar tells her the secret about the weapon being soaked in blood, Pasupathi kills him. As a last resort to save herself from being tormented by Pasupathi, Arundhati tries to kill herself with the same weapon and in the process the weapon gets soaked in her blood. The dagger glows brightly and the power incantations inscribed on it glow with energy. Arundhati finally slays Pasupathi.
Release date16-January-2009
Budgect$ 13 crores
Revanue$ 30 crores
Nandi Awards:

Best Villain -– Sonu Sood
Best Child Actress - – Divya Nagesh
Best Editor – -Marthand K Venkatesh
Best Art Director - – Ashok
Best Audiographer - – Radhakrishna & Madhusudhan Reddy
Best Costume Designer -– Deepa Chandar
Best Makeup Artist - Ramesh Mahanti
Best Male Dubbing Artist -– P. Ravi Shankar
Nandi Award for Best Special Effects - Rahul Nambiar
Special Jury Award - Anushka Shetty
Filmfare Awards :

Filmfare Best Actress Award (Telugu) - – Anushka Shetty (2009)
Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award (Telugu) - – Sonu Sood (2009)

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