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Annavaram (అన్నవరం) 2006

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BannerMega Supergood Films Pvt. Ltd.
DirectorBhimaneni Srinivasa Rao
WriterPerarasu, Abburi Ravi
ProducerN.V. Prasad, Paras Jain
Music DirectorRamana Gogula
CinematographySethu Sriram
Film EditingGowtham Raju
Art DirectorAnand Sai
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersShankar Mahadevan, Ramana Gogula, Tippu, Kalyani, Mano, Ganga
CharacterActor / Actress
AnnavaramPawan Kalyan
NarasimhaVenu Madhav
ACP J.D. YadavNagendra Babu
Tapas BaluAshish Vidyarthi
Siva Balaji
Tanikella Bharani
Suman Shetty
Dharmavarapu Subramanyam
Annavaram (Pawan Kalyan) has a lot of attachment with his sister Varam (Sandhya). He wants to see his sister trouble free even after marriage and hence wanted to get her married to a city guy who has all the facilities like mixie, grinder, gas stove, running water and such facilities. True to his taste, Annavaram marries Varam to a guy (Shiva Balaji) who stays in Hyderabad. In order to leave her at her husband's place, Annavaram drops Varam in Hyderabad. Aishwarya (Asin Thottumkal) is the neighbour of Varam's husband who is chirpy and moves very close with everyone without any inhibition. During his stay, Annavaram finds that the city is full of goons and his brother-in-law pacifies him not to take everything to head and one should have the adjustment mentality to stay in the city. The city is ruled by two big goons called Tapas Balu(Ashish Vidyarthi) and Puranapool Ganga (Lal). Unable to digest the situation, Annavaram returns to his village along with his close friend Narasimha (Venu Madhav). After a few months, Varam turns pregnant and Pandu's brother Gutkha Pandu threatens Varam's husband and takes away the canteen being run by him in a college. Varam gets frightened at the attack. Meanwhile, Narasimha gets Visa to fly to Dubai to work there. To see him off at the airport, Annavaram reaches Hyderabad again. Narasimha, Annavaram, Varam and her husband go to Golconda to see the fort, where Narasimha gets killed by Ganga. Varam and her husband reach the village to take part in the funeral of Narasimha. Annavaram detains his sister and brother in law in the village, but he leaves the village stating that he got a job. He reaches Hyderabad. He dares Tapas Balu and kills 20 of his men along with a corrupt police officer (Ravi Babu). He even calls up the ACP J.D. Yadav (Nagendra Babu) that he would do the duty of the police as they were handcuffed with political pressures and can't take action against the goons. At this juncture, Annavaram meets his old friend Sairam (Brahmaji) and with his help gets the details of all the goons and decide to eliminate all of them. To bail out from the crisis, Tapas Balu kidnaps ACP's daughter Sanjana. Annavaram attacks Balu and kills him and saves her. Then he targets Ganga's brother Pandu and kills him. Next is the turn of Ganga. Like this, he eliminates all the goons and makes Hyderabad a clean city sans any goondas by the time Varam delivers a baby boy. The film ends on a happy note with the union of Annavaram and Aishwarya.
Release date14-December-2006

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