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Amaanat (अमानत ) 1955

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DirectorAravind Sen
ProducerBimal Roy
Orginal music salil [/box]
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersShailendra | Voice:Asha Bhosle,Geeta Dutt,hemanth kumar
PradeepBharat Bhushan
MeenaChand Usmani
PurshotamNasir Hussain
Pradeep's momAchala Sachdev
GaneshAsit Sen
Asha Mathur
Ashim Kumar
A dying man entrusts his lives earnings to Purshotam, a stranger he just met, and asks him to promise to take this money to his wife, and son, Pradeep, in a remote village in India, to which Purshotam agrees. The man passes away, and Purshotam goes to fulfill his promise, in vain though, as he is unable to trace the woman and her son. After sometime he experiences financial difficluties, and decides to use the money for his personal gain. Years later he comes to know of the rightful heir to these monies, but will he able to assert his honesty, or will he carry on as though nothing has happened?
Release Date1/1/1955
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Shailendra | Voice:Asha Bhosle,Geeta Dutt,hemanth kumar  | Music: salil

1. Jab Tumne Mohabbat Chhin Li | जब तुमने मोहब्बत छीन ली     

2. Meri Wafayen Tumhari Jafayen | मेरी वफायें तुम्हारी जफ़ाएं     

3. Banki Adayen | बंकि अदाएं     

4. Jabse Mili Tose Ankhiyan | जबसे मिली तोसे अँखियाँ     

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