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Ala Modalaindi (అలా మొదలైంది) 2011

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BannerSri Ranjith Movies
DirectorNandini Reddy
WriterLakshmi Bhupalz
ProducerK. L. Damodar Prasad
Music DirectorKalyani Malik
CinematographyArjun jena
Film EditingMarthand K Venkatesh
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersVedala Hemachandra, Geetha Madhuri, Kalyani Malik, Nithya Menen, Deepu, Veena Sahiti
Character Actor/Actress
NithyaNithya Menen
KavyaSneha Ullal
AnandVai Sista
John AbrahamAshish Vidyarthi
DeepakChaitnaya Krishna
SimranKriti Kharband
Mirchi Hemanth
The film begins with an accident. Gautham (Nani) is abducted by John Abraham (Ashish Vidyarthi). On the way Gautham is forced to narrate his tale as Gautham talks of stopping a marriage and John too talks of preventing a wedding. Hence, the flashback. Gautham is ready to propose to Simran (Kriti Kharbanda) with a bunch of red roses. But destiny has other plans. Elsewhere, Nithya (Nitya Menen) is playing cricket and hits Gautham with her shot. He is then taken to the hospital in the stretcher. Simran falls in love with the doctor treating Gautham and they get married eventually. Gautham is invited and goes to the wedding but cannot face Simran. When he walks out, he gets drunk and meets a drunk Nithya who actually was in love with the doctor. They go around freaking during the night and part ways the next day. As destiny has it, they happen to meet in a pub after a few days. Gautham accompanies her everywhere. He realises he's in love with her. But before he could tell her, he gets to know that she is already engaged. Gautham steps back and stays secluded. Nithya and her fiance end their engagement over an argument about Gautham. Unaware of this and having moved on, Gautham starts dating a veterinary doctor, Kavya, but they break up after an altercation. Now Nithya who realizes that she loves Gautam, goes to Gautam's house after his mother dies, to propose him but shocks to see Kavya in Gautam's house. Thinking that they both are married, she leaves to Bangalore and accepts the marriag proposal her parents set for her. After realizing Nithya misunderstood him, Gautham and his friends leave for Bangalore to stop the marriage. In the way to Bangalore, their car stops and Gautam asks for lift and they accept and that is where he was kidnapped. After a big fight between Gautam and the kidnapper, it is revealed that the kidnapper was looking for one who gave Gautam lift not Gautam. The kidnapper helps Gautham to reach the wedding. Gautam's friends reveal the truth to Nithya. Nithya in order to meet Gautham escapes from the wedding and ends up asking the kidnapper lift. After a whole confusion, Nithya unites with Gautham.
Release Date21-January-2011
Budget5 crore

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