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Agni Parvatam (అగ్ని పర్వతం) 1985

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BannerVyjayanthi Movies
DirectorK.Raghavendra Rao
WriterParuchuri Brothers
ProducerAshwini Dutt
Music DirectorK.Chakravarthy
CinematographyK S Prakash
Film EditingKotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Art DirectorK Bhaskara Raju
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersS.P.Balasubrahmanyam, S.Janaki
CharacterActor / Actress
Chandram and Jamadagni (duel role)Krishna
Radha or Lulli Radha
VijayaVijaya Shanthi
Janaki (Guest)Sharada
Jagannadharao, a leading lawyer marries Janaki and fathers to a son (Master Arjun). Indrasena Varma and his friend Rudrayya addicts Jagannadharao to drinking. According to a plan, they accuse Janaki as fallen woman, and try to get rid off her along with child, by provoking the people stoning her to death, when Jagannadharao falls unconscious owing to heavy drinking. In the temple of Shiva, Janaki names her son as Jamadagni (Krishna). She commits suicide whilst Young Jamadagni lights the lamp at Shivlinga. Young Jamadagni takes his dead mother on a small wheel cart to a graveyard and there he performs cremation. Jaggayya marries Parvatamma for the second time and fathers to a son named Chandram (Krishna) and a daughter (Poornima). Parvatamma comes to know about the treachery and threatens Indrasena Varma and Rudrayya that she calls the police. Nevertheless She loses her eyesight when pushed by Indrasena Varma and Rudrayya, whilst Jagannadharao is stroked by hand paralysis. Indrasena Varma and Rudrayya grabs the property of Jagannadharao. Paralyzed Jagannadharao and his family leaves the riches.

Years pass away. Jamadagni who leads orphan life, grows as a very rich and powerful man in the later years. He develops vengeance on his father, for his mother's death because of accusation and his orphanage state. He grabs money from the smugglers and wins the hearts of poor people. He starts to construct a corporate hospital for the poor and gives employment to the poor in the construction. Vijaya, an orphanage woman joins the construction. Jamadagni saves Vijaya falling from the top when ascending on a ladder with few bricks on head.

Lully (Radha), the only daughter of Rao Gopalrao comes from America, insisting to appoint a personal assistant for her. On a horse ride, she is saved by Chandram who is in the trail of a job. Chandram agrees to join in the job as personal assistant on a condition that his mother should regain her eyesight with the operation fee paid by Indrasena Varma.

Vijaya (Vijayashanti)is saved by Jamadagni when she is abducted by few rowdies to a house of prostitution. Jamadagni entrusts Vijaya, the job of preserving respect of his house. Vijaya tries to win the heart of aggressive Jamadagni and when asked by visitors, she introduces herself as his mistress. Her behavior aggravates Jamadagni. Once Jamadagni warns doctor (Nootan Prasad) who became the cause of the death of pregnant woman by demanding for money.

Chandram becomes a police inspector after passing the examinations. Indrasena Varma comes to know that Chandram's mother is none another, but Parvatamma who lost her eyes because of him, and quits his promise of pay the fee for operation. Aggravated Chandaram kidnaps Lully to win the money for his mother's eye operation. Lully falls in love with Chandram in no time.

Indrasena Varma orders his men to kill Parvatamma. But luckily she is saved by Jamadagni. Parvatamma is shocked to see that his Jamadagni is resembling to her son in physical features. She invites him to her house, but Jagannadharao his hides behind a door. Jamadagni introduces himself as an orphan, revealing that his mother was abandoned by his father and was killed. He expresses his vengeance his against his father. When Jamadagni leaves, Jagannadharao reveals that his Jamadagni is the son of Janaki, his first wife. Indrasena Varma and Rudrayya plans to book false case against Jamadagni by placing a dead man in car's back. After a fight with Jamadagni, Chandram knows the fact that the person in the car's back was a dead man in a government hospital.

Indrasena Varma and Rudrayya are confused about the features of Chandram and Jamadagni. Paapi, faithful assistant of Indrasena Varma reveals a fact that Chandram is the son of Parvatamma and Jamadagni is the son of Janaki. Indrasena Varma and Rudrayya plans to give the hand of Lully to Satyanarayana, one of the two sons of Rudrayya in marriage. According to a plan, Indrasena Varma writes a letter to Jamadagni revealing to take revenge on Jagannadharao who is performing wedding to his daughter. Jamadagni ties Mangalsutra to the neck of Vijaya and insists her to upset the wedding of Jaggaya's daughter in the name of illicit relationship between the groom and herself. She does it and Jamadagni upsets the wedding. Parvatamma pleads Jamadagni not make her a widow by killing Jagannadharao, her husband.

Jagannadharao takes a poison as death witness and visits Jamadagni. He reveals the flashback of how he was made to abandon Janaki and how she was killed. Jamadagni knows the truth and Jagannadharao dies after revealing the flashback. Chandram comes to know that Jamadagni is his elder brother. Indrasena Varma and Rudrayya plans to arrest Jamadagni by killing the patients in the hospital. Jamadagni asks Chandram to take him to the hospital, and there he escapes. Vijaya is abducted by Indrasena Varma and Rudrayya. The movie ends with Jamadagni killing Indrasena Varma and Rudrayya, Jamadagni remarrying Vijaya, and the temporal arrest of Jamadagni.
Release date11-January-1985

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