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Afsana Dilwalon Ka (अफसाना दिलवालों का) 2001

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BannerFilmyug Private Limited
DirectorJ. Om Prakash
WriterAchala Nagar
ProducerJ. Om Prakash
Production executiveKamal Mukut
Orginal musicShyam-Surender
CinematographyV. Durga Prasad
Film EditingNand Kumar
Art DirectorR. Verman Shetty
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Kavita Krishnamurthy , Udit Narayan , Alka Yagnik, Manhar Udhas
CharacterActor / Actress
Banne KhanAshish Kaul
AnwarRahul Roy
Sahida KhanRubaina Khan
TitlibaiHimani Shivpuri
ShakeelVikas Anand
MunshiYunus Parvez
Ratna Shetty
Hemant Bhatt
Ritwick Sharma
Altaf Khan
Vinod Panchal
PyarebhaiAshok Saraf
A devout but a very naive Muslim youth Banne (Ashish Kaul) leaves his home-land to go to the City to live with Shakeel (vikas Anand), and his beautiful daughter Sabha (Juni). He expects to be pampered as he has been at his home, and Shakeel and Sabha do their best to make him feel at home. He and Sabha slowly get attracted to each other. He is a talented singer, and soon his talents are discovered by Titlibai (Himani Shivpuri), who invites him to live with her and her daughter, Sahida (Rubaina Khan), and he does so. He is easily impressed by the attentions bestowed on him by Titlibai and the beauty of Sahida, who he is told he will marry soon, leaving poor Sabha heart-broken. He can only marry Sahida after he seeks approval from Titlibai, who, though very agreeable and friendly, has an agenda of her own, which will change Banne's life and outlook forever.
Release date2001
Awards: Unknown.
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Music: Shyam-Surender

1. Ae Ishq Marhaba | ऐ इश्क मरहबा     
Voice: Kavita Krishnamurthy , Udit Narayan

2. Afsana Suno Afsana Dilwalon Ka | अफसाना सुनो अफसाना दिलवालों का     
Voice: Udit Narayan

3. Agar Qubool Hamara Salaam | अगर कुबूल हमारा सलाम     
Voice: Udit Narayan , Alka Yagnik

4. Mushaira | मुशैरा     
Voice: Manhar Udhas

5. Nazar Khamosh Hai | नज़र खामोश है     
Voice: Manhar Udhas

6. Yeh Aashiq Husnwalon Se | यह आशिक हुस्नवालों से     
Voice: Kavita Krishnamurthy , Udit Narayan

7. Vidha Karte Hain | विधा करते हैं     

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