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Aas Ka Panchhi (आस का पंछी) 1961

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DirectorMohan Kumar
WriterMohan Kumar,Rajinder Singh Bedi
ProducerJ. Om Prakash
Original MusicShankar,Jaikishan
CinimatographyV. Babasaheb
Film EditingPratap Dave
Art Director
Cemara Operator
Assistant Cemaraman
Playback SingersMohammed Rafi,Mukesh ,Lata,Subir Sen
CharacterActor / Actress
Neena BakshiVyjayanthimala
Rajan 'Raju' Khanna Rajendra Kumar
Major Surendra BakshiRaj Mehra
Nihalchand KhannaNasir Hussain
Ramesh Mrs. GirdhariMumtaz Begum
Mrs. Nihalchand KhannaLeela Chitnis
Plot / Story to be updated.
Plot / Story to be updated.,"Rajan ""Raju"" Khanna lives with his elderly father, Nihalchand, mom, and a younger sister. He studies Arts in college, and has a sweetheart in fellow-collegian, Neena Bakshi. When Rajan graduates, his father wants him to work at the very same firm he is employed in, but Rajan wants to join the military. His father opposes this, has a heart attack, and Rajan accepts the job offer, and goes to work in his father's office. He does not do too well, his father passes away, and he joins the military. When he returns, nothing is the same anymore, Neena is engaged to be married to a rich and handsome young doctor, and her dad refuses to even consider Rajan as his son-in-law. Disheartened, he returns back to the military, into the war zone. Then he volunteers to rescue a senior military officer, does get through enemy lines, and finds out to his shock that the senior military officer is none other than Major Bakshi. Both Bakshi and Rajan know that it will only be one of them who can make it safely back to their base."
Awards: Unknown.
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Lyrics:  | Voice:Mohammed Rafi,Mukesh ,Lata,Subir Sen
| Music: Shankar,Jaikishan

1. Ab Chaar Dino Ki | अब चार दिनों की     

2. Apni Bhi Kya Zindagi | अपनी भी क्या जिंदगी     

3. Aye Dil Pyar Ki Manzil | ए दिल प्यार की मंजिल     

4. Dheere Chalo Zara | धीरे चलो ज़रा     

5. Dil Mera Ek Aas Ka | दिल मेरा एक आस का     

6. Haye Meri Uljhi | हाय मेरी उलझइ     

7. Title Music | तितले म्यूजिक     

8. Tum Roothi Raho | तुम रूठी रहो     

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