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Siddu From Sikakulam (సిద్దు ఫ్రమ్ సికాకుళం) 2008

Siddu from Srikakulam_2008

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BannerWellfare Creations
DirectorG Eswara Rao
WriterG Eswara Rao
ProducerMalla Vijay Prasad
Music DirectorK M Radha Krishnan
CinematographyDasarathi Shivendra
Film EditingKotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersK.M.Radhakrishnan, Swetha, K.S.Chitra , Ranjith, Sahiti, Hemachand, Gaaythi, Karunya
CharacterActor / Actress
SidduAllari Naresh
SailuManjari Fadnis
Shradha Das
Dharmavarapu Subramanyam
Jayaprakash Reddy
Venu Madhav
Kallu Chidambaram
Satyam Rajesh
Telangana Sakuntala
Krishna Bhagavan
Aahuthi Prasad
Lakshman Rao Kondavalasa
Master Bharath
Surekha Vani
Allari Naresh is known for providing good comedy. With all the other heroes are looking for mass, action and love entertainers, Allari Naresh started concentrating on comedy flicks. Like the comedy heroes of yester-years like Rajababu, Chalam and most recently Rajendraprasad, it is Naresh who is getting an image of a comedy hero. However, this time, the director tried to experiment a little love, faction elements besides comedy and entertainment. But the film went beyond logic and it appeared bits and pieces of various films including Arya, Samarasimha Reddy, Seema Sastry and Leela Mahal Centre which were tagged together to prepare the subject. Siddhu (Naresh) is basically from Srikakulam and he joins a college in Visakhapatnam. He falls in love with a girl called Sailaja (Manjari), but does not reveal it directly. After a couple of encounters, he reveals his love to her and she too accepts his love. A few days after the incident, the college declares vacations, Sailaja reveals that her father Obul Reddy (Jayaprakash Reddy), who is a big factionist has settled her marriage with Bhuma Reddy's (Vijayaranga Raju) brother. On learning that Sailaja's father is a factionist, Siddhu tells her that it would be better to separate than love as he loves his life and doesn't want to lose his life. He thinks everything practically and reveals his decision. However, Sailaja agrees to separate from him on one condition that Siddhu should come to her marriage and stay with her till the tying of knot by the bridegroom, that too with a smiling face. Siddhu accepts her condition and reaches her village. He withstands his emotions and the teasings of Sailaja. At one stage, Siddhu too tries to tease Sailaja by moving close with her cousin Nisha (Shradha Das). However, in the climax he comes out in open that he too loves Sailaja very much and can not live without her. He reveals that love is greater than life and he is Ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of love. At the same time, being an intelligent boy, he creates a situation where Sailaja's father himself comes to Siddhu to marry his daughter. Like this, the film ends on a happy note with the union of Siddhu and Sailaja. PLUS: Naresh is at his usual best. Besides comedy, he has got a very good opportunity to perform and show some feelings and expressions in many of the scenes and he too stood to the expectations of his fans. Manjari is okay as heroine. She has the looks of Keerthi Reddy and cooperated well with the hero in many scenes. Besides filling the glamour slot, she appears romantic in some scenes. The director has moulded her character also with a little scope for performance. There is absolutely no need for another heroine in this film, but the director chose to use her as a defense to thwart the attempts of the heroine luring the hero and to tease her the hero needed another girl. Shradha Das has played a very hot role and done a lot of skin show. Comedy by Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Venumadhav, MS Narayana and Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao is quite pale and has failed to tickle the funny bone of the audiences. Once again, Ahuti Prasad has played a different role as a very lazy fellow, while Jayaprakash Reddy is routine as a factionist. MINUS: The story has no twists and is pretty predictable. There is nothing new to talk about the film. The director has failed to provide a crisp screenplay and the narration is too lengthy and boring. The establishment of love between the hero and heroine, the heroine's teasing the hero in the second half, with no one at home (all through the night) are too lengthy and they should have been cut to size. Camera work is okay while the music is average. Choreography of a couple of songs is okay but the overall situation in music and dance department is just average. The director has abruptly cut the second heroine's role and the climax is quite cinematic and without any knowledgeable reasoning. It is not known why and how the comedy track went off the track on many occasions. The suspense at the time of interval was good.
Release date14-August-2008

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