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Seethapathi Samsaaram (సీతాపతి సంసారం) 1978

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DirectorM.S.Kota Reddy
ProducerM Subbarami Reddy, K.Shankar Reddy
Music DirectorChakravarthy
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersUnknown
Character Actor/Actress
SeethapathiChandra Mohan
Narasimha Raju Maada
Allu Ramalingaiah
Seethapathi (Chandra Mohan) and Janaki (Prabha) fall in love and get married. In no time they become proud parents of two children. Seethapathi faces a lot of problem at his work place and tries hard to impress his boss and get promotion at work. Janaki faces a lot of problems doing household chores and bringing up of children in Seethapathi's less salary. They fight and argue with each other due to frustration. Money is the only problem this happy couple end up fighting for. With all the frustration of financial problem and the issues they had to face due to it is what the whole movie is about. Seethapathi challenges Janaki that a man can run the house better than woman and Janaki says that earning money is the easiest job. Both exchange their work and get stuck end up doing nothing. When their situation becomes worst they realise that both of them were wrong about the other person's hard work and they start respecting each other's work and themselves too.
Release Date10-November-1978

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