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Sacred Chants for Peace, Prosperity & Enlightenment


Album Information:

Voices – Uma Mohan, Ghayatri, Ramya, Roopa, Usha, Chitra, Gowri, Bhanu, Jaya, Saindhavi, Krupa Mohan, Kruti Mohan
Language – Sanskrit
Label – Kosmic Music

Album: Sacred Chants

Album: Sacred Chants

These Sacred Mantras are said to have the potential to evoke a certain response from our nervous and endocrine systems and affect the physical brain & astral thought processes too.

Shanti Mantram: It is said, puts to ease and relaxes the system, making us more composed and receptive, which can by practice create a very gentle, soothing silence not only in individuals but also in animals, plants and all existence around us. The power of peace is indeed remarkable.
Guru Ashtakam: It is recited to experience surrender, adoration and woship – a deep sense of sacred reverence to creation itself, and the supreme force which is forever guiding us.
Medha Suktham: It is said to be a stimulator of intelligence, not alone knowledge, but wisdom of an intuitive quality, a supreme ability of discernment that causes limiless creativity.
Durga Suktham: It is believed to make the listener free of negative thoughts, gives the wealth of power, strength and self confidence, after vanquishing the greatest enemy of man-fear. listening to it could deliver instant energy and courage.
Shree Suktham: It is said to have the power to give wealth of any kind – physical, psychological and spiritual. The shree aspect of the cosmic whole is evoked in the mantra and that aspect is the giver of prosperity and well deing.
Gayathri Ghanapatha: The Savitri mantra or Gayathri is chanted to create a harmony in vibration of human minds, preparing it for enlightenment. The repetition of the mantra evidently causes a rise in energy levels – Prana Shakthi and Kundalini Shakthi.
Purusha Suktham: It is believed, makes man realize the greatness of the Cosmic creator and creates a sense of gratitude and love which are the keys to enter the kingdom of the purusha… Purushasuktham is a legend – a song that sings the compassion of the Supremely Sacred Creator.
Shiva Thandava Stotram: This beautiful hymn is said have been composed by Ravana – a great devotee of Shiva. It has been designed to evoke the mystical senses of man, so it dances with the cosmic dancer – the dance of freedom, the dance without a purpose, the dance of immense love and energy…The dance of Enlightenment.
Mantra Pushpam: Is an offering of ones self at the feet of the Cosmic consciousness. The self, which is a representation of all the elements present, is offered as a flower, to celebrate creation. Every soul arising from creation, being a part of creation and also the enjoyer of creation. We submit, all this beauty to the creator himself as – Mantra Pushpam.

Let Peace, Prosperity and Enlightenment Engulf Each Living Being On This Planet.

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