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Yevadu (ఎవడు) 2014


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Banner Sri Venkateswara Creations, Geetha Arts
DirectorVamsi Paidipally
WriterVamsi Paidipally
ProducerDil Raju
Music DirectorDevi Sri Prasad
CinematographyShyam K. Naidu
Film EditingMarthand K. Venkatesh
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersKrishnakumar Kunnath, Suchith Suresan, Karthik, Shreya Ghoshal, Ranjith, Mamata Sharma, Sagar, Ranina Reddy, David Simon, Andrea
Character Actor/Actress
Satya / Ram / CharanRam Charan
ManjuShruti Haasan
ShruthiAmy Jackson
SatyaAllu Arjun 
 DeepthKajal Aggarwal
DharmaSai Kumar
Dheeru BhaiRahul Dev
Dheeru Bhai's brotherAjay
MinisterKota Srinivasa Rao
Vennela Kishore
Scarlett Mellish Wilson
The film starts with a few men searching for a girl called Deepthi (Kajal Aggarwal). They are revealed to be the henchmen of a local don named Veeru Bhai (Rahul Dev). Though he is interested in Deepthi, she doesn't like him and is in love with Satya (Allu Arjun). Both of them decide to get married, but Veeru Bhai, who manages to learn about their intentions, tries to stop them with his men, who get beaten up by Satya. Deepthi who hates violence prompts him to leave with her to Hyderabad. He accepts and they board a bus from Vizag. Veeru Bhai is very enraged with this and decides to kill them both. He sends his henchmen, his brother (Ajay) and a corrupt cop who works for him after the pair. They enter the bus which the couple has boarded and kill Deepthi. Then they stab Satya several times and set the bus on fire. They assume that he has died and leave. But unknown to them he manages to survive with severe burns and a totally deformed face. Satya, who is unconscious, is taken to Hyderabad for treatment where the doctors think that he will die. But a senior surgeon Dr. Sharada (Jayasudha) decides not to leave him in that situation and operates on him repairing his body and gives him the face of an unknown person (Ram Charan Teja). When Satya awakens, he comes to know that his face has changed and escapes from the hospital to avenge Deepthi's death.

He goes to his apartment to find a person Brahmanandam (Brahmanandam) who illegally stays in his apartment. Satya tells him that his name is Ram and has come there to murder a few men. Brahmanandam initially doesn't believe him and thinks that he is only joking. Later, when attempting to murder a henchman of Veeru Bhai, he accidentally meets Shruthi (Amy Jackson) and his plot is spoiled. He then comes to know that Veeru Bhai lusts for Shruthi and had sent his men to find her. So he befriends her and uses her to kill the henchman of Veeru Bhai who was responsible for Deepthi's death. A cop (Murali Sharma) is appointed to solve the case. Brahmanandam comes to know that what Ram told him was actually the truth and tries to run away out of fear but decides against it, as Ram warns him that he would target him if he tries to run away. Ram uses Brahmanandam and Shruthi to make Veeru's brother (Ajay) fall in love with Shruthi. But Shruthi starts to love Ram. Later he hangs a cop who works for Veeru. He then tells the police that he had seen the murderer and can recognize him. The cop draws a sketch based on the features that he had told them, which turns out to be Satya's real face. He gives this sketch to Veeru and warns him. Veeru, unable to believe that Satya had actually survived, calls for Ram as he believes that he was the only one who had seen him. Ram now manages to befriend Veeru.

Later Ram tells Veeru's brother that Shruthi is the girl whom Dheeru is searching for and prompts him to kill Veeru. But Veeru comes to know of his brother’s intentions and kills him. It is then revealed that Ram was the one who told Veeru that his brother was going to kill him. Now the only one left is Veeru. So he reveals to him that he is actually Satya and throws him from the top of a building, thus killing him and avenging Deepthi's death. Shruthi who comes to know of this leaves him. As his quest for vengeance has completed, it seems that everything is over until an unknown man (Subbaraju) shoots Ram in the arm, attacks ram and tries to kill him. Ram runs after him and asks who he is. But the man is hit by a truck and dies. He is left confused but later remembers that his face has changed and the man has attacked him thinking him to be someone else. He decides to find answers and leaves for Hyderabad to meet the doctor who had operated on him. Dr. Sharada tells him that his face is of her son Charan (Ram Charan Teja). She then narrates her son's story.

Charan is a college student who has lovable friends and a girlfriend named Manju (Shruthi Haasan). He and his mother (Jayasudha) share a strong bond. When a local don named Dharma (Sai Kumar) tries to take over the land of the poor, he tries to instill bravery into their hearts, so that they can face him bravely. But he is unsuccessful except with his friend Shashank (Shashank) who decides to question Dharma. When he does so Dharma kills him and tells the people that no one dare touch his body. Coming to know of his friend's death and Dharma's arrogance, Charan fights with Dharma's men to get his friend's body back. Dharma who thinks that his pride is at stake attacks the locals and takes Charan's mother and girlfriend into his custody throwing Charan into a dilemma. But Charan later goes to Dharma's house and warns him that he would harm his daughter if he were to harm anyone. Dharma then releases everyone but is full of rage. Dharma goes to the locals' area and tries to warn everyone. But Charan successfully inspires everyone and they throw Dharma out of their area finally winning over his pride. Dharma now decides to kill Charan. He comes to know that Charan had gone to Vizag. He along with his men go there to kill Charan while coming back to Hyderabad. Later it is revealed that Charan got into the same bus as Satya and Deepthi.

The goons kill Charan and send his body to his mother, who mourns over his son’s death. It is then that she sees Satya with burns and a deformed face in her hospital and gives him her son’s face. After learning the truth about Charan, Satya decides to take his place. He goes to the locals and takes them to Dharma’s house where they beat up Dharma and his men to death. After that Charan’s mother tells him that she has a responsibility over Manju who loved Charan wholeheartedly. Later Satya who has taken the place of Charan is seen standing behind Manju and she realizes that someone is behind her, implying that she would certainly take him to be Charan and would marry him.
Release Date12-January-2014
Budget₹3 50 million
Revenue₹ 48.1 crore

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