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Welcome 2 Karachi (वेलकम 2 कराची) 2015

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BannerPuja Entertainment
DirectorAshish R Mohan
WriterKushal Ved Bakshi, Vrajesh Hirjee, Danish Hussain, Ashish R. Mohan
ProducerVashu Bhagnani
Music DirectorRochak Kohli, Jeet Ganguly, Amjad Nadeem
CinematographyMark Nutkins
Film EditingSteven H. Bernard
Art DirectorMadhumita Sen, Ajay Sharma
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersVishal Dadlani, Shivi, Mika Singh, Deane Sequiera, Rochak Kohli, Shalmali Kholgade, Wajid, Love Juneja, Alamgir Khan, Jyoti Nooran
Character Actor/Actress
Shammi ThakurArshad Warsi
Kedar PatelJackky Bhagnani
ISI Agent Shazia AnsariLauren Gottlieb
Taliban leader Agha JaanAyub Khoso
Azhar BalochAdnan Shah
ISI AgentImran Hasnee
ISI agent AsmaKubra Khan
Dalip Tahil
RajaRaj Das
PathanPavan Malhotra
Story kicks off with two dumb and dumber friends, Shami (Arshad Warsi) a court martialed navy officer and Kedar (Jackky Bhagnani) a Gujarati who has been denied American visa multiple times. Both plans to sail to USA using a boat but with a twist of fate, end up on the beach of Karachi, Pakistan. On realizing the truth they both try to escape, while being chased by an ISI Agent (Lauren Gottlieb). Both get kidnapped by a local don Azher Baluch, who demands ransom from Kedar's father and later releases them in a pathan colony to collect fake passports. But Shami, messes up with a bunch of pathans over an India-Pakistan match. In struggle to escape from pathans both meets a talibani militant, who takes them to a Taliban camp where they are misunderstood as Talibani militants. Few days later, Shami and Kedar plans to escape the camp by stealing camp leader's mobile phone, which was actually a detonator of a bomb designed by Taliban to attack US army. In attempt to dial a number Shami unknowingly triggers the bomb destroying the Talibani camp itself. Attracted by the explosions, a Drone arrives and the two are arrested by American Army. After knowing their reality both are been released only to be captured by Pakistani intelligence, who wants to take the credit of attack on Taliban by announcing both Shami and Kedar as Pakistani soldiers. Soon the two are declared as national hero by Pakistani media while the Indian media claims them as Indians stuck in Pakistan. Caught in this tough of war Shami and Kedar are once again been kidnapped by American army, who promises to deport them to India if they could give the credit of Talibani camp attack to US Army in media. They agree and are been sent to Karachi Airport to finally catch a flight back to India. While waiting for their flight, Shami notices a Talibani militant disguised as an airlines pilot. Seeing a possibility of a terror attack they both decide to rescue, being backed by Pakistani army. During crossfire Shami and Kedar manage to over power the militant and takes off with the plane, finally able to depart from Pakistan. Movie ends with both sitting in cockpit only to find a strange voice behind them (possibly another militant).
Release Date29-May-2015

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