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Warning (वार्निंग) 2013

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BannerEros International, Benaras Media Works, Alumbra Entertainment
DirectorGurmmeet Singh
WriterGurmeet Singh, Tejpal Singh Rawat
ProducerAnubhav Sinha, Parag Sanghvi, Sunil Lulla
Music DirectorMeet Bros Anjjan, Sharib - Toshi, John Stewart
CinematographyFranz Pagot
Film EditingCheragh Todiwala
Art DirectorVintee Bansal
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersJames, Aditi Paul, John Stewart, Manjari Fadnis, Toshi, Varun Sharma, Mika Singh, Manjari Fadnis, Sonu Nigam, Illhama Qasimova
Character Actor/Actress
Santosh Barmola
Jitin Gulati
Manjari Phadnis
Suzana Rodrigues
Varun Sharma
Sumit Suri
Madhurima Tuli
It was a reunion of seven friends. It was a joy ride on a luxury yacht through the middle of a beautiful ocean. It was time to remember the good old times and to catch up on the lost five years. It was time to come face to face with unrequited love. It was Sara's first birthday and time for champagne and swim. It was time for a disaster to strike. Seven friends, neck deep in water, oblivious of their geographical coordinates, unknown miles away from land with no way to get back on to the yacht while little Sara cries incessantly on board. Old conflicts resound and new ones emerge while a new predator comes to kill. This one eats flesh!!!

WARNING is a 3D underwater film about seven friends stuck in a life- threatening crisis. The lucky ones will die first and the rest will go through the worst nightmares of their lives.
Release Date27-September-2013

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