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Vinayakudu (వినాయకుడు) 2008


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DirectorSai kiran Adivi
WriterSai kiran Adivi
ProducerSaritha Patra
Music DirectorSam Prasan
CinematographyP G Vinda
Film EditingMarthand K Venkatesh
Art DirectorSatya Srinivas
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersHemachandra, K.S.Chitra, Unnikrishnan, Sridevi, Raghu Babu, Sahithi, Kunal Ganjavala
CharacterActor / Actress
AparnaSatya Krishnan
DoctorSai Kiran Adivi
Lead ActressAnkita
SandhyaPoonam Kaur
Prem Kumar Patra
AltafSurya Tej
Karthik (Krishnudu), a soft, ever-happy kind of guy, comes to Hyderabad for a job interview at Hi-Rise, an ad agency. He gets selected, and in the office the next day, he sees Kalpana (Sonia) and likes her. He's generally not taken seriously by anyone because of his soft-spoken nature and his rotund personality, but he's the kind who doesn't take that seriously! Kalpana too doesn't care for him and finds faults with him, due to their initial interactions at work. Slowly though, she starts interacting with him more. Her parents, who leave to USA to visiting her brother's family (Mahesh & Aparna), initiate a matrimonial alliance for Kalpana with Rajeev (Samrat). Kalpana meets Rajeev and they both observe that they have a lot of tastes in common. Meanwhile, another thread of a budding relation is seen between Karthik's friend Altaf (Suryatej) and Kalpana's friend Sandhya a.k.a. Sandy (Poonam Kaur). At about the same time that Kalpana realizes Rajeev is not for her, she gets closer to Karthik but the hell gets loose suddenly due to a petty altercation between Altaf and Sandy. Eventually, Karthik and Kalpana lose even the friendly relation they have. What's the big fat love story then and how it evolves forms the rest of the story.
Release date22-November-2008

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