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Then Nilavu (தேன் நிலவு) 1960

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Production executive
Production Company
Orginal musicA.M. Raja
Film EditingT.R.Srinivasulu
Art DirectorA.Vilsen
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersA. M. Rajah, P. Susheela, S. Janaki, Jikki
CharacterActor / Actress
RajuGemini Ganesan
SokkalingamK.A. Thangavelu
Vyjaythimala is the daughter of a wealthy landowner. She met several times Gemini falls in love with her at the first sight. Unfortunately for our hero that feeling is not mutual. This is due to a misunderstanding that Gemini claims to be the nephew of a friend's father, Nambiar, who came to manage his fortune and also marry the beautiful Vyjayanthimala. Problems arise when Nambiar finally arrives in the house of the father of Vyjayanthimala to assert his right, our heroine finally falls in love with Gemini and to top it off, the lawful wife of Nambiar entered the scene.
Release Date3-Sep-1960.
Awards : Unknown
Not Available


Lyrics: Kannadasan | Music: A.M. Raja

1. Chinna Chinna | சின்ன சின்ன     
Voice: A.M. Raja, P.Susheela.
2. Kallaiyum Neeye | கால்லையும் நீயே     
Voice: A.M. Raja, S.Janaki.
3. Malare Malare Theriyatha | மலரே மலரே தெரியாதா     
Voice: P.Susheela.
4. Nilavum Malarum | நிலவும் மலரும்     
Voice: A.M. Raja, P.Susheela.
5. Oho Enthan Baby | ஓஹோ ஏந்தன் பேபி     
Voice: A.M. Raja, S.Janaki.
6. Oorengum Thedinen | ஊரெங்கும் தேடினேன்     
Voice: Jikki.
7. Pattu Padava | பாட்டு பாடவ     
Voice: A.M. Raja.

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