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Tezz (तेज़) 2012


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BannerUnited 7 Entertainment, Eros Entertainment
WriterRobin Bhatt, Aditya Dhar
ProducerRatan Jain
Music DirectorSajid-Wajid
CinematographyRiki Butland
Film EditingT.S. Suresh
Art DirectorSabu Cyril
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersRahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Mohit Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan.
Arjun KhannaAnil Kapoor
Aakaash RanaAjay Devgn
Nikita RanaKangana Ranaut
Aadil KhanZayed Khan
Sanjay RainaBoman Irani
Megha SolankiSameera Reddy
Police Chief AlanPhilip Martin Brown
VikasSagar Arya
Jo JoDominic Power
Piya RainaAvika Gor
Renu RainaPuja Bhatt
RadhikaBhavna Pani
Manish SolankMudit Kumar Nair
Baby AakashCameron Bundy
JohnCory Goldberg
Kangana's LawyerJatin Goswami
Ghizala Avan
Manpreet Bambra
Train Driver DavidDanny Sapani
DoctorGraham Seed
MechanicNaveed Choudhry
Railway MinisterDouglas Reith
Home MinisterTerence Harvey
Ken Bradshaw
Sebastian Abineri
Emily Bowker
Flaminia Cinque
Kevin Moore
Joe Montana
Jamie Maclachlan
Jing Lusi
Gordon Cooper
Simon Hepworth
Lisa Diveney
Tanveer Ghani
Sartaj Garewal
Hospital ReceptionistFiona Geddes
News AnchorElizabeth Croft
Aakash Rana (Ajay Devgn), is an illegal immigrant married to British citizen Nikita (Kangna Ranaut) living as a successful engineer but is eventually caught and deported from the UK thus crushing his dreams of an ideal life. Four years later, Aakash returns with vengeance on his mind and teams up with his former employees Aadil Khan(Zayed Khan) and Megha (Sameera Reddy) to wreak some havoc. What follows is a bomb threat on a train and a tensed Railway Control officer Sanjay Raina (Boman Irani) and Anti-Terrorism officer Arjun Khanna (Anil Kapoor) trying every trick in the book to avert the disaster and to apprehend the culprits. Sanjay Raina trying his best to save his daughter Piya (Avika Gor) and the passengers in the train who are thrown in the mix are police officer Shivan Nair (Mohanlal) and his team of cops, who are escorting a prisoner on the same ill-fated train. Aakash demands 10 million euros and then he will tell how to disarm the bomb. The ministry does not want to give the money, but Khanna convinces them that the money will be given back and is a way to lure the terrorists. After following Aakash's instructions and dropping the money in a river, he walks away. Meghna gets the money and tries to get away. She evades the cops after a vicious chase but unfortunately she is killed by a van in an intersection. Khanna finds out that Khan is one of the bombers and chases him. Khan is shot in the leg, but he gets away after jumping from the bridge and landing on a jet ski driven by Aakash. Aakash once again demands money and tells it to be left in a dustbin. The dustbin falls inward and Aakash runs away with the money even though the police attempt to pursue him. Khanna and his team find out where Aadil is and go there to arrest him. However, Aadil commits suicide with a bomb almost killing Khanna. Aakash calls Raina and tells him that a note has been left at a restaurant called Delhi Darbar that tells how to diffuse the bomb. However, the restaurant catches on fire and the letter is burnt. Aakash visits Nikita and his son and they arrange to leave UK that night via flight. Khanna visits Nikita and tells who her husband is. After changing the plan, that they should leave UK via train because the police has found out about his plan of leaving via plane, he goes to the train station. There he sees a video of Raina asking the bomber to call again as the letter was burnt. Aakash calls Raina and tells him that the bomb was not connected to the wheels and the train will not explode if stopped. Raina stops the train and everyone disembarks safely. Nikita who is helping Khanna now, goes to the train station and sees Aakash and the news that the bomb threat was a hoax. She lets Aakash go, but Khanna finds out as Aakash's son calls him Daddy. Khanna chases him and they fight. After Aakash pleas to Khanna to let him go and explains why he took such drastic actions. Realizing that Aakash was a victim of deportation and wants to just be with his family again at peace, Khanna stays silent (hinting he will let him leave scotfree). However, the police arrive and after seeing that Aakash had a gun, they shoot him. In the end, Nikita receives a letter which Aakash had written before his death. It stated that the money (which Aakash asked for defusing the bomb) was in Aakash's bank locker, in case he dies. He also states that she should give half the money to Megha's brother and Adil's mother. Also, he asks her to tell his son that what he did was to get justice and dies in doing so. Finally, Aakash tells Nikita that if they ever meet in the next life, the end of their love story would be much better and bids her goodbye.
Release Date27-April-2012
Budget₹ 400 million (US$6.6 million)
Revenue₹ 470 million (US$7.7 million)

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