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Teesri Manzil (तीसरी मंजिल) 1966

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BannerNasir Hussain Films
DirectorVijay Anand
WriterNasir Hussain
ProducerNasir Hussain
Music Director R.D. Burman
CinematographyN.V. Srinivas
Film EditingVijay Anand
Art DirectorShanti Dass
Camera OperatorMunir Khan
Assistant CameramenSrinivas Mahapatra
Playback Singers Mohammad Rafi , Asha Bhosle
CharacterActor / Actress
Anil Kumar Sona 'Rocky' Shammi Kapoor
SunitaAsha Parekh
Sunita's dadRaj Mehra
RameshPrem Chopra
BelaLaxmi Chhaya
Rocky's friendSalim Khan
Waiter Rashid Khan
Laughing PassengerRam Avtar
Police Inspector Iftekhar
Indira Bansal
Hotel Manager S.N. Banerjee
Bazid Khan
Saral Kumar
K. N. Singh
Kunwer Prem Nath
Anil Kumar "Sona" (Shammi Kapoor) sees a young woman named Roopa jumping from the third floor of the hotel at night where he regularly performs as a musician under the stage name "Rocky." Roopa's younger sister, Sunita, (Asha Parekh) believes that her sister committed suicide because of a supposedly ruined affair with Rocky, so she comes to seek vengeance. She and Anil fall in love, but he doesn't know how to tell her that he and Rocky are the same person.

Anil takes the help of a rich older man who pretends to be Anil's uncle to help Anil impress Sunita and her father. A police detective reveals that Roopa didn't commit suicide but was actually pushed from the third floor with an expensive shirt button in her clenched hand. Is the killer Roopa's jealous fiancee Ramesh, who now has plans for Sunita? Or is it the dancer Ruby who is pining for Rocky? Or was it because Roopa witnessed something?
Release date1966
Awards: Unknown.


Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri | Music: R.D. Burman

1. Deewana Mujhsa Nahin | दीवाना मुझसा नहीं     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi

2. Ajaa Ajaa Main Hoon Pyar Tera | आजा आजा मैं हूँ प्यार तेरा     
Voice: Asha Bhosle, Mohammad Rafi

3. Main Inpe Marta Hoon | मैं इनपे मरता हूँ     
Voice: Asha Bhosle, Mohammad Rafi

4. O Haseena Zulfon Wali Jaane Jahan | ओ हसीना जुल्फों वाली जाने जहाँ     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi , Asha Bhosle

5. O Mere Sona Re Sona Re | ओ मेरे सोना रे सोना रे     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

6. Tumne Mujhe Dekha Ho Kar Mehrban | तुमने मुझे देखा हो कर मेहरबान     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi

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