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Taxi No. 9211 (टैक्सी नंबर.9211) 2006

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BannerFont Films
DirectorGangaraju Gunnam
WriterGangaraju Gunnam
ProducerGangaraju Gunnam
Music DirectorSrinivasan K
Film EditingMohan Rama Rao
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Ram Chakravarthi, Deepika, K. Srinivas, Mano, M. M. Srilekha and Vishnukanth
It is the story of two ill-behaved children who are orphaned in an accident and are forced to live with their new guardian, the strict disciplinarian and army man - their grandfather. They have never seen him before due to differences between their parents and the grandpa. They get to have a first hand experience of the reason for these differences. In spite of the largely lugubrious plot, the movie itself is very light-hearted to a large extent, containing many moments of comedy. The children's performances are designed to draw laughs. How the grandpa and the children eventually warm up to each other, and the various troubles that the cook and other family members go through trying to raise the children make for family-friendly entertainment.
Release Date1996
Vinod Kumar

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