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Atma Bodha (ఆత్మ బోధ) by Sri Sundara Chaitanyananda Swamy


Sri Sundara Chaitanyananda Swamy (born on 25th December 1947). He is the eighth child of Sri Perumbuduru Seshacharyulu and Smt. Ranganayakamma, a devout couple of an orthodox Vaishnava family whose forefathers hailed from Sri Perumbuduru of Chengalpat district, Tamilnadu. Sri Perumbuduru is also the birthplace of Sri Ramanujacharyulu. Sri Sri Sri Swami Sundara Chaitanyanandaji was […]

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Atma Bodha (ఆత్మ బోధ) by Sri Paripurnanada Saraswati

Atma Bodha (ఆత్మ బోధ) by Sri Paripurnanada Saraswati

Swami Paripoornananda Saraswati (స్వామి పరిపూర్ణానంద సరస్వతి) was born in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh, on 01st November 1972 as the only son of Smt Meenakshi and Sri Balachandran. After his formal education he joined a Vedic School to study the Vedas, at the behest of his mother and studied the Krishna Yajurveda for one year. […]

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