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Super (సూపర్) 2005

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BannerAnnapurna Studios
DirectorPuri Jagannadh
WriterPuri Jagannadh
ProducerNagarjuna Akkineni
Music DirectorSandeep Chowta
CinematographyShyam K Naidu
Film EditingMarthand K Venkatesh
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSonu Kakkar, Sandeep Chowta, Udit Narayan, Soumya, Nikita, Anushka, Sonu Nigam
Character Actor/Actress
AkhilNagarjuna Akkineni
SonuSonu Sood
Sayaji Shinde
Piyush Mishra
Venu Madhav
Ayesha Shetty
Akhil (Nagarjuna Akkineni) owns a call-cab service. He falls in love with a doctor, Siri Valli (Ayesha Takia). Soon Siri Valli falls in love with Akhil as well. There is a hi-tech robber called Sonu (Sonu Sood) who steals money in a big way. Sonu used to work for Siri Valli's father and so adopts her as his sister after their family fall into bad times.
Incidentally, Akhil and Sonu are enemies. When Sonu realizes that Siri Valli is in deep love with his arch enemy Akhil, he asks her to put an end to their relationship and to never see him again. Siri Valli goes to Akhil's house to find out why Sonu and him are enemies. Akhil reveals his flash back:
Akhil, Sasha (Anushka Shetty), and Sonu meet in Mumbai in their needy days as unemployed graduates. They soon become friends as they all struggle to find work. Sasha is Sonu's sister. Sasha suddenly develops pains in her stomach and needs an appendix operation. Sonu and Akhil don't have enough money. After a few days, they were forced to steal money. Then they decide to rob the money and make a living out of it. Sasha loves Akhil. But Akhil does not have any feelings for her. He treats her just like a friend. Akhil, Sasha, and Sonu are given one more task: to rob diamonds. After this one robbery, they can be settled for life. Late that same night at the biker's club, Sasha says openly that she will kill herself if Akhil does not love her. Being stubborn, Sasha decides to stay at the Biker's club very late. When Sonu & Akhil show up, it's too late because Sasha committed suicide. This is why Sonu hates Akhil.
While the Artist who's trying to draw a Picture of the mysterious thief named Sonu, the Artist ends up drawing a picture of Akhil. The police arrest Akhil, who also looks like 1 of the mysterious guys from a police surveillance video. According to the video, it's revealed that Sasha was actually murdered. Akhil lies to police that he's not in the video. The artist says that Akhil's not a thief. Sonu follows Akhil to the Biker's club. Akhil & Sonu realize that the Biker's club owner Mama's responsible for their robberies & Sasha's murder. That night when she was at the club late, Sasha heard some men talking & finds out that it was the same men who told them to rob the diamonds. The goons planned to kill Akhil, Sonu, & Sasha right after they succeed in the robbery. Sasha overheard them & the goons chased Sasha. They killed her & made it to believe that she committed suicide. After Sonu finds out the truth, he reconciles with Akhil.
But, Mama reveals he kidnapped Siri Valli and in ransom, tells Akhil and Sonu to rob the same diamonds they were supposed to rob in Mumbai. They successfully rob the diamonds by blowing up underneath the truck carrying the diamonds (inspired by The Italian Job) and falling into the sea. Akhil then goes into the ocean and gets the diamonds. The police start chasing Sonu and Akhil on motorboats. One of the police kills Sonu & he falls into the ocean. Still, Akhil does not stop and he heads on over to Mama's place. Akhil gets a hold of Sonu, who was actually wearing a bullet-proof vest. Sonu rushes to get his sister from the clutches of the bad guys. Akhil and Sonu manages to kill everyone there and keep the diamonds. The artist finally draws Sonu's picture, but the police don't believe the artist. The police captain already got transferred to another town. It's hilarious because the lie-detector expert scares away the artist, who's unable to get the reward. Outside, Akhil & Sonu give a diamond to the Artist. The artist receive good training to draw a picture of Akhil & Siri.
Release Date21-July-2005
Filmfare Awards South:

Best Comedian - Ali

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