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Srivari Priyuralu (శ్రీవారి ప్రియురాలు) 1994

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BannerSujatha Art Productons
DirectorMutyala Subayya
WriterK L Prasad
ProducerLakam Raju Ramachandram
Music DirectorRaj-Koti
Film EditingD Shyam Mukherjee
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers
Character Actor/Actress
Vinod Kumar
Priya Ramana
Vinod kumar is a doctor and was sent to the village to setup a medical camp as part of Lions Club efforts. Due to some reasons vinod kumar marraied Aamani because of his parents forced him. Hero vinod kumar and priya ramana makes romance in the hospital that scene was seen by Aamani. Hero vinod kumar like to give divorce at certain point, by unknowingly Aamani keep sign on divorce paper. In climax Aamani eat her diamond ring, by that vinod kumar takes her hospital and priya ramana make her operation and make her alive.
Release Date1994

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