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Sorry Daddy (सॉरी डाड़ी) 2015

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BannerS. K. Films Internations
DirectorVijay Pal, Shakur Sir
ProducerWasim S. Khan
Music DirectorPrakash Prabhakar, Liyakat Ajmeri, Vaishnav Deva
CinematographyHasmukh Rajput
Film EditingAshfaque Makrani
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersPinky, B. Jyoti, Dalia, Mohammed Salamat, Javed Ali, Jojo
Character Actor/Actress
Police inspector RaviShamim Khan
DaddanMukesh Tiwari
politicianTinnu Verma
KamalKamal Khan
Inspector Ravi Sharma (Shameem Khan) is very honest and very intelligent police officer. He burst the racket of Daddan’s (Mukesh Tiwari) illegal wine factory to shows his intention against the enemy of law and society. Meanwhile, his daughter Anishka seeks his help to find out her lost school friend Aditya. Aditya is a very bright student but always looks puzzled because of his drunken father who fights with his mother every time. One day the fight takes an ugly turn and father dies accidentally. Aditya runs away from the home in fear. Ravi arrests his mother as murderer and she lands in prison. Innocent Aditya walks randomly in the city and meets a gang of street beggars who want to help him. But unfortunately he lands in cage of Sevak Ram (Tinu Verma). Sevak Ram is socialist who runs a self organization for the betterment of these street children. But the truth is that he make them handicap hand pushes them in begging business. Ravi searches Aditya every possible place with his time but is unable to find him. In this process he comes to know that there is lot of people who runs racket of begging and forcing the kidnapped/loss/poorer street children in this business. Now the question are appears that, what Ravi does with those self tycoon of begging mafia and the children who are part of them? What happen with Daddan ? And does Ravi succeeds to find Aditya and Sevak Ram ? That’s the real story of the film SORRY DADDY….
Release Date11-December-2015
Budget₹3 crore (US$450,000)

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