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Sona Spa (सोना स्पा) 2013

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BannerMiraj Entertainment Ltd
DirectorMakarand Deshpande
WriterMakarand Deshpande
ProducerMadan Paliwal
Music DirectorShamir Tandon, Shailendra Barve
CinematographyRajiv Jain Rajeev Jain
Film EditingBiren Jyoti Mohanty
Art DirectorNitin Chandrakant Desai
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSudesh Bhonsle, Asha Bhosle, Neha Rajpal, Shailendra Barve, Vijay Dhumal
Character Actor/Actress
MeenakshiNivedita Bhattacharya
ShaileshShailesh Hejmady
Neha Iyyer
ChoksiRomi Jaspal
RituAahana Kumra
IndiraPooja Pradhan
Baba DayanandNaseeruddin Shah
CopAnjum Sharma
Vinit Sharma
RuchaShruti Vyas
This world is full of Fame, Glamour and money but it lacks sleep. At Sona Spa you can buy your sleep! Anytime, day or night. Here, girls sleep for you, they are called sleep workers. Once the bonding between the client and the sleep worker is done, they will sleep for you and you can go on with your busy day. While they sleep, you will feel rested and relaxed, but they will also have access to your dreams. In your dreams, you commit various kinds of crimes, now your sleep worker is the eye witness. Baba Dayanand (Naseerddin Shah) runs the Sona Spa. He says - It is necessary to commit crimes in your sleep or else you will commit them when awake. Good sleep = Good Thinking = Good Life ! A compelling, intriguing, mysterious and a funny tale of sleep told through 2 protagonists (sleep workers), Rucha a billionaire from Mumbai and Ritu, a middle class girl from Pune. Rucha wants to sleep for her Billionaire father who doesn't get sleep and Ritu for her sister who is not able to sleep remembering the tragedy in which they lost their mother and brother. Rucha and Ritu start sleeping on behalf of their clients and in the process Live their Dreams. Rucha's client is Choksi, a rich man looking for sleep and Ritu's client is a cop disguised as a head of a company, checking if there is any illegal work going on in 'Sona Spa'. Complexities emerge however when these Sleep Workers not only sleep on behalf of their sleep deprived clients, but even inhabit the Kingdom of their Dreams. The Sleep Workers' Dreams becomes manifestations of their client's subconscious mind. As secrets successively spill out into the open, they etch the many machinations of the human mind. 'Sona Spa' gives you your sleep but in return take away your Dreams.
Release Date22-March-2013
Budget₹ 100 million (US$1.5 million)
Revenue₹ 2.4 million (US$36,000)

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