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Soggade Chinninayana (సోగ్గాడే చిన్నినాయనా) 2016

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BannerAnnapurna Studios
DirectorKalyan Krishna
WriterRam Mohan P
ProducerNagarjuna Akkineni
Music DirectorAnoop Rubens
CinematographyP. S. Vinod, R. Siddharth
Film EditingPrawin Pudi
Art DirectorS. Ravindra
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersNagarjuna, Dhanunjay, Mohana Bhogaraju, Shreya Ghoshal, Hariharan, Kousalya, Malavika, Anudeep Dev, Arun, Raghuram, Sampath, Prakash, Lokesh, Satya Yamini, Nuthana, Vinayak
Bangaru Raju & Dr. Ram Mohan (Dual Role)Nagarjuna Akkineni
SatyaRamya Krishna
SeetaLavanya Tripathi
Krishna KumariAnushka Shetty
SampathSampath Raj
ChalapatiChalapathi Rao
Yama Dharma RajuNagendra Babu
SuriPosani Krishna Murali
Sampath's FatherBenerjee
Dr. Ram Mohan (Nagarjuna Akkineni) is a nerdy cardiologist practicing in the United States. His wife Seetha (Lavanya Tripathi) feels lonely and finds no happiness in their marriage, as Ramu (Dr. Ram Mohan) gives very little attention to her due to his busy profession. Things worsen on Seetha's third birthday after their marriage and the duo decide to file a divorce. They leave for Sivapuram near Rajahmundry where Ramu's mother Satyabhama (Ramya Krishnan) lives. Satyabhama is shocked to know that Ramu and Seetha are contemplating divorce and yells at a portrait of her deceased husband Bangarraju (played by Nagarjuna Akkineni again), an inveterate flirt who passed away nearly 30 years ago in an accident.

Bangarraju's soul is in Naraka and he continues to flirt the females even there. Yama (Nagendra Babu), upon an order by Shiva, sends him back saying that there is a purpose only he can fulfill on the Earth. So, Bangarraju is sent as a soul who can be seen and heard only by Satyabhama to solve the problems his family is facing currently. Bangarraju comes to know about the strained relationship between Ramu and Seetha and tries to unite them. After a few futile attempts, on Ramu's birthday, Bangarraju possesses Ramu's body. Ramu with his father's spirit in him dresses just like the latter and meets Ramu's young, female cousins and invites them to his home.

On his way back, Bangarraju meets Suri (Posani Krishna Murali), a drunkard who assumes him to be Ramu. To free himself from guilt, Suri reveals that he murdered Bangarraju by hitting him with a lorry after being bribed. Without revealing the details completely, Suri dies in an accident and Bangarraju comes to know that his family is in danger. Back at home, Ramu meets his cousins and spends some quality time with them, which leaves Seetha jealous and frustrated.

Bangarraju is confronted by Satyabhama, who is unaware of the recent happenings. She asks him to advise her on how to unite Ramu and Seetha. As plans made with the former have failed, Bangarraju suggests her to offer some tips to Seetha to impress Ramu. Upon Satyabhama's advice, Ramu and Seetha go to a theatre to watch a film. When a gang of goons taunt her, Ramu (possessed by Bangarraju) fights with them, leaving Seetha pleasantly surprised, as Ramu failed to attack the same group when they comment on Seetha earlier. The couple slowly gets closer to each other and Seetha realises that Ramu does love her.

On the other hand, with the help of a Godman named Athmanandam, who can communicate with souls, Bangarraju comes to know that his uncle Rudraraju was the mastermind behind his murder. Further probing reveals that Raudraraju and his cousin wanted to steal the jewellery in a 1000-year old temple in their village dedicated to Shiva and to avoid complications, they murdered Bangarraju by bribing Suri as Bangarraju is an honest zamindar who developed the village using his ancestral wealth.

After Rudraraju's son dies due to a snake bite, a Malayali tantrik warns that only Bangarraju's descendants can open the lock and others who attempt to do so shall be killed by that divine snake. The tantrik captures Bangarraju's soul and gives a few threads to Rudraraju's grandson Sampath, instructing him to tie those to the hands of every member of Bangarraju's family which shall prevent his soul to communicate with them. After Sampath and others leave, the divine snake kills the tantrik and saves Bangarraju's soul.

Bangarraju reaches the temple where Satyabhama cannot hear him and Ramu cannot be possessed by him. Rudraraju and Sampath attack Ramu and Seetha after the jewellery is brought from the room. Rudraraju instructs his henchmen to place the couple in a car along with the jewellery so that the villagers assume them as thieves. In the process, the thread to Ramu's hand is removed and Bangarraju possesses him. He fights with all of them and leaves Ramu, who operates Seetha in a nearby hospital.

Satyabhama removes the thread and is able to see Bangarraju. Ramu and Seetha unite, and Yama orders Bangarraju to come back as per Shiva's instruction. When Satyabhama requests Bangarraju to stay back, Yama gives him a chance to wipe her tears. Bangarraju asks her to keep smiling and live happily for his sake and goes back to Naraka.
Release Date15-January-2016
Budget₹15 crore

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