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S/O Satyamurthy (S/O సత్యమూర్తి ) 2015

Son of Satyamurthy

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BannerHaarika & Hassine Creations
DirectorTrivikram Srinivas
WriterTrivikram Srinivas
ProducerS.Radha Krishna
Music DirectorDevi Sri Prasad
CinematographyPrasad Murella
Film EditingPrawin Pudi
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersSooraj Santhosh, Yazin Nizar, Devi Sri Prasad, Sravana Bhragavi, Magizhini Manimaaran, Vijay Prakash, Sagar, M.M. Manasi, Raghu Dixit, Rita, Javed Ali
Viraj AnandAllu Arjun
Devaraj NaiduUpendra
Paida Sambasiva RaoRajendra Prasad
SatyamurthyPrakash Raj
 Sameera / SubbalakshmiSamantha
Pallavi KolasaniAdah Sharma
ValliNithya Menen
Viraj Anand's motherPavitra Lokesh
Koda RambabuBrahmanandam
Pallavi's paternal uncleM.S.Narayana
Devaraj's fatherKota Srinivasa Rao
Pallavi's fatherRao Ramesh
Veerasamy NaiduSampath Raj
Viraj Anand's elder brotherVennela Kishore
SweetyBaby Vernika
Viraj Anand's sister-in-lawSindhu Tolani
Sameera's motherMamilla Shailaja Priya
YogeshwarVamsi Krishna
Lakshmi's brotherChaitanya Krishna
Kumarasamy NaiduRavi Prakash
Pallavi's cousinAmit
Devaraj's brother-in-lawPrabhu
The film's narrator, Viraj Anand is the younger son of Satyamurthy, a billionaire businessman with great human values who dies in an accident. Anand has ?3 billion worth of property, but he also has a loan for an equal amount. One of Satyamurthy's creditors, Paidi Sambasiva Rao, suggests that Anand file for insolvency in order to protect his wealth. But Anand foregoes that option in order to ensure his father’s image not be tarnished, and so is left with the company's share certificates which hold no market value. Anand's elder brother loses mental stability and, upon Sambasiva Rao's advice, the father of Anand's fiancée, Pallavi, cancels their scheduled marriage. Anand and his family move to a simpler place in Hyderabad and he becomes the family's sole bread winner. He joins his friend's event-managing company as a wedding planner, and his ex-assistant Parandhamayya becomes his assistant once again.

He is assigned to plan and conduct a destination wedding at Ooty, which turns out to be Pallavi's. There he meets Sameera (aka Subbalakshmi), a diabetic, with whom he develops a relationship which eventually turns into love. While overseeing Pallavi's marriage, Anand faces many difficulties, including an attempt by Pallavi's uncle and his son to stop the marriage because of her father's ill treatment of them. Pallavi's father and uncle reconcile, and Anand is paid more than the promised amount as a token of gratitude. Sameera turns out to be Sambasiva Rao's daughter, who objects to their marriage claiming that Satyamurthy cheated him when he sold an eight thousand square foot piece of property which had been illegally acquired by a faction landlord named Devaraj Naidu. Sambasiva Rao tells Anand that he will agree to the marriage if Anand can bring the land documents from Devaraj within four weeks.

Anand and Parandhamayya go to Reddiarpatti where they were to go to house number 6 and exchange the original documents for the fake set. Instead they enter house number 9 and reveal their intentions to Devaraj, who traps them, but does not harm them since Devaraj cannot spill blood before his wife Lakshmi, who he has hidden his inner-self from for twenty years due to his love for her. Sambasiva Rao's family are kidnapped and brought to Devaraj's residence, where the next day, Anand saves Devaraj from his rival Veerasamy Naidu's brother, Kumarasamy Naidu, who had been Devaraj's trusted henchman for five years. Impressed, Devaraj agrees to give the land documents back, on the condition that Anand become engaged to his sister, Valli. However, Valli wants to marry Lakshmi's brother, and threatens to kill Anand if he does not cancel the engagement.

Valli finds pleasure in ragging Sameera and acts as if she is in love with the idea of marrying Anand, which makes Devaraj happy and Anand restless. Devaraj's brother-in-law, Koda Rambabu, visits Reddiarpatti who mistakenly believes that Parandhamayya is Sameera's lover, and Valli's potential lover. He wants to stop the marriage and upon Anand's suggestion, Rambabu and Sambasiva Rao request Veerasamy send his henchmen to kill the bridegroom. This would halt the marriage on the last day of the four week deadline imposed by Sambasiva Rao. Anand plans to help Valli elope with her cousin, but Veerasamy's henchmen try to kill the cousin, mistaking him for Anand. Devaraj and Anand save her cousin, and when Devaraj tries to kill Rambabu, Anand reveals that he was the mastermind behind the plan, and wants the true land documents.

Nine minutes are left before Sambasiva Rao's deadline, and as Anand and Devaraj duel, Anand's mother enters. Devaraj and his family are shocked and recollect that Satyamurthy was fatally injured after he saved Valli from an accident planned by Veerasamy. In his last moments, Satyamurthy had told Valli that he made a mistake selling illegally acquisited land to his friend, and wanted to rectify it by talking with the landlord, but he died without revealing further details. Devaraj and Sambasiva Rao are full of remorse, and Devaraj returns the land documents to Anand as per Satyamurthy's last wish. Anand in turn gives those papers to Sambasiva Rao, who is ashamed of his behavior and apologises. Veerasamy dies in an accident and Koda Rambabu is spared.

Anand and Sambasiva Rao are on their way back home with their respective families when Pallavi's father meets them with a news that the market value of the share certificates Anand possesses is now worth one billion rupees. An emotional Anand thanks his father at the spot where Satyamurthy saved Valli's life.
Release Date09-April-2015
Budget₹400-500 million
Revenue₹519 milloin

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