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Six (సిక్స్) 2012

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BannerVega Entertainments Pvt Ltd
DirectorSrikanth Lingaad
WriterSrikanth Lingaad
ProducerBollamoni Krishna
Music DirectorRavi Varma
CinematographyPrabha R Karan
Filim EditingR. J. Sada Charan
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameraman
Playback SingersRavi Varma, Dikar, Anjana Sowmya, Sravana Bhargavi, Hemachandra, Shivani
VijayJagapati Babu
TripuraGayathri Iyer
Jagga ReddyPruthvi Raj
Satyam Rajesh
Uravakonda a remote village situated in Nallamala Forest, which is far away from modern civilized life. This village has only 12 Hrs a day i.e. 6 AM to 6 PM, sunrise to sunset. No one comes out of their houses after 6 PM, the entire village becomes like a graveyard. If anyone tries to come out of their house they were mercilessly killed by unknown reason. Someone thinks that it is a revenge by some ghosts, some thinks it is job of wizards in the village and some it is play of village head Jagga Reddy (Pruthvi Raj) who performs all illegal activities in the forest. The only person who knows the real secret behind all these mysterious things is Tripura (Gayatri Iyer) a well-educated girl who lives in the same village.

A Police Officer (Satyam Rajesh) is specially appointed to find out the reason behind these murder mysteries, he reaches Uravakonda and finds out that Tripura knows everything and when he starts interrogating her, she avows the actual truth. Vijay ((Jagapati Babu) belongs to the same village, completes IAS and comes back to his village and his only aim is to develop his village. Vijay & Tripura loves each other. One day Vijay dies accidentally due to thunderbolt hit. A scientist (Surya) who lives in the same forest and experimenting on how to give life to a dead person, finds out that Vijay is just clinically died and takes out his body from the burial ground and gives the life to him. But unfortunately, his experiment fails the virus injected into Vijay’s body made him as a brute and it works on him 6 PM To 6 AM, sunset to sunrise. At that time he cannot live without sucking human blood, therefore it is the secret behind the Uravakonda’s 6 to 6 mystery. Finally, Tripura and the Scientist are successful in finding out Vijay with the help of Police and gives antivirus to him after a lot of effort and brings back him to normal condition. There ends the Uravakonda’s mystery, entire village runs 24 hours a day and Vijay comes back as an IAS officer.
Release Date2012

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