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Sister (সিস্টার) 1977

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BannerVoice And Vision Of India
DirectorPijush Bose
WriterTirthapati Chattopadhyay
Orginal musicSalil Chowdhury
Film EditingBaidyanath Chattopadhyay
Art DirectorSurya Chattopadhyay
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersManna Dey,Asha Bhosle
Supriya Choudhury
Utpal Dutta
Uttam Kumar
Rakhi Chattopadhyay
Bulbul Chakraborty
Kalyani while in college comes to know her identity - she is an illegal child. Kalyani tries to commit suicide, but her father Joseph saves her life and brings her to Simla. Her father has made an orphanage here. He gives all the responsibility of this orphanage to Kalyani. Soon her father dies and she is in charge of the place. The poor labourers of the area love her. Her kids are the kids of the orphanage. All goes well till one day a foreign army lays its hands on the orphanage. The attacking army metes out tortures on these little children. Kalyani teaches them to be brave. One of the little boys runs out and informs the Indian army of this attack. The army comes and kills the enemy. Many children have lost their lives in this incident but this is a story of bravery.
Release Date29/4/1977
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Salil Chowdhury  | Voice: Manna Dey,Asha Bhosle | Music: Salil Chowdhury

1. Taire Naire Na | তীরে নাইরে না     

2. Hey Himeli Himeli Rate | হেয় হিমেলি হিমেলি রাতে     

3. Bishwopita Tumi He Probhu | বিশ্বপিতা তুমি হে প্রভু     

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