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Shree 420 (श्री 420) 1955


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BannerR.K Films
DirectorRaj Kapoor
WriterKhwaja Ahmad Abbas, V.P. Sathe
ProducerRaj Kapoor
Music DirectorShankar-Jaikishan
CinematographyRadhu Karmakar
Film EditingG.G. Mayekar
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersManna Dey, Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Mohammed Rafi
CharacterActor / Actress
Vidya Omkarnath ShastriNargis
Ranbir Raj / Raj Kumar of PipliRaj Kapoor
Seth Sonachand DharmanandLalita Pawar
PhilachandHari Shivdasani
Gambler with goateeNana Palsikar
GamblerBhudo Advani
Pessi PatelPesi Patel
RadiwalaRashid Khan
Sheila VaazSheelavaz
M. Kumar
Ramesh Sinha
S.P. Berry
Shree 420 is the tale of a country boy, Raj (Raj Kapoor), from Allahabad, who travels to the big city, Bombay, by walking, to earn a living. He falls in love with the poor but virtuous Vidya (Nargis), but is soon seduced by the riches of a freewheeling and unethical lifestyle presented to him by an unscrupulous and dishonest businessman, Seth Sonachand Dharmaanand (Nemo) and the sultry temptress Maya (Nadira). He eventually becomes a confidence trickster, or "420," who even cheats in card gambling. Vidya tried hard to make Raj a good man but fails.

Meanwhile, Sonachand comes up with another scheme to exploit poor people, whereby he promises permanent homes to them at just Rs.100. The scheme pays off, as people start hoarding money for a home, even at the cost of other important things. Vidya's contempt for Raj increases even more. Raj becomes wealthy, but soon realizes that he paid a very high price for it. When Raj discovers that Sonachand has no plans to fulfill his promises, he decides to make wrongs right.

Raj takes all the bond papers of the people's homes & tries to flee Sonachand's home, only to be caught by Sonachand & his cronies. In a scuffle that occurs, Sonachand shoots Raj dead. When people hear the shooting, they come & see Raj dead. Sonachand tells police that Raj was trying to flee after stealing money from his safe, hence Sonachand shot him.

Upon this, the "dead" Raj springs back to life & using pure logic, proves Sonachand's guilt. Sonachand & his partner's are arrested, while Vidya happily forgives Raj. The film ends with Raj telling that 'yeh 420 nahi; Shree 420 hain'("These are not just con men, they are con men in garb of respected men").
Release Date6-Sep-55
1956: Filmfare Awards:

Best Cinematographer: Radhoo Karmakar
Best Editing: G.G. Mayekar

1956: National Film Awards

Certificate of Merit

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