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Shiv Kanya (शिव कन्या) 1954

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BannerChandrakala Pictures
DirectorDhirubhai Desai
Music DirectorManna Dey
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersLata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Manna Dey
CharacterActor / Actress
Trilok Kapoor
Lalita Pawar
Nirupa Roy
Shiv Kanya!!! Yes, it is a surprise to the multitude that Lord Shiva ever had a daughter. People know of Mahadeva, Parwati, Ganesha and Kartikeya. But when, where and how Mansa Devi became an inmate of this family is a puzzle, but a truth.... . Once upon a time in the beautful bowers of Nandanvan Lord Brahmas daughter Saraswati was lost in the richest harmonies of music, mirth and melody. And Lord Bramha was a party to this gaiety and grandeur. His affection and love to his daughter was utmost. Bholanath enjoyed this feast of emotion but it reacted on the serene soul of Shankar. He also wanted to see the smiling face of a daughter. His emotion took the form of a dazzling eyedrop and it fell into the lap of a lovely lotus blossoming in the bounties of the Nandan pool. And this very lotus proved to be the origin of this idol of emotion Mansa Devi, known as Shiv Kanya by the ages gone and ages to come. . At the time of Amrit Manthan first came out Kalkoot Vish. Its bitterness and fire was going to burn the entire universe when Bhola Shankar drank it. And when, after drinking it Shankar was unconscious, Nagas came to the resucue of their benefactor.

They all sipped the venom out of Shankars body and became venomous. This very venom becam e the cause of their enmity with human race. Human beings terrorized the entire race of snakes like hell. Nagas were bound to run for safety and they took refuge in Patal Lok. And, Bholanath with the deepest ocean of kindness in his heart, sent Mansadevi to Patal Lok to liberate the Nagas form the borror and terror of human beings. . That was the age of Shaivyas (devotees of Shiva). Chandradha, the King of Champaknagar was a valiant King of those days. His valour and penance was ranged with that of Hiranyakashipu, Banasur and Ravana. He was a staunch "Shivabhakt" and cared for none except Bholashankar and Devi Parvati. And, it was the only cause of his condeming Mansa Devi. Mother Mansas condemantion meant fury to Nagas. And the huge army of hissing reptiles took Champaknagar into their grip. It multiplied to such an extent that the Nag of Shivamurti became the cause of the death of Chandraghars six married sons. But Chandradhar did not forego his arrogant faith and could not understand the deisre of his diety. . Vipula, Chandradhars sons wife was also blessed by Jagdamba for eternal bliss. In the cherished occasion of Shivaratri she gaflanded Chandradhars son Laxmendra.
But on the eve of her honeymoon hour Takhsk was ordered by Mansa to snatch Laxmendras life. Vipula shook the heavens by her cries. She hurled curses on Mansa and Mansa lost her Shakti. . Everbody was weeping for Laxmendras death but Vipula was depending on Jagdamabas immortal blessing. She did not loose her patience and appealed that my husband is not dead, he cannot die. `I will not let him die, None can snatch him from me. And under the golden shade of Sun God she left Champaknagar with the corpse of her life-long partner Her penace was above all. Her devtion was matchless. The duration fo her penace was six months passed like a long dark night and Vipula could not revive the soul servitor. . Her truth took the form of a raging fire and Sun the master of the day could not check her fury and the golden charriot of the Sun God came to a standstill. And there were famines on the earth. The world took it to be the rage of Mansadevi and thery all even Alka Devi, Chandradhars wife appealed to him to worship Mansadevi, but Chandradhar did not bow. He presented his own head at the feet of Lord Shankar. The devotee could not follow the real road of devotion. . And when Pralayankar opened his third eye, Vipula forgave Sun and the universe was again full of life and lilt. But Vipulas univrse was at the foot of her husband. When she could not find him on the rugged road of life she embrached the eternal passage of truth. When she could not find him on the rugged road of life she embraced the eternal passage of truth. She sat on the burning pyre with the boney remnat of her husband and sang the song of her Akhand Saubhagya. . This tussle of truth, devotion, faith and vengeance will take you to heavenly domains of ennobling sacrifice in the feast of myth and miracle, of duty and love....
Release date1954
Awards: Unknown.


Lyrics: Bharat Vyas | Music: Manna Dey

1. Jab Tak Jage Chand Gagan Me | जब तक जगे चाँद गगन में     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar

2. Ab Kaun Mera Sansar Me | अब कौन मेरा संसार मे     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

Jai Ambe Jagdambe Jai Ambe Jagdambe | जय आंबे जगदम्बे जय आंबे जगदम्बे. Audio is not available. Awaiting contribution.

Jai Durge De De Aaj Vardan | जय दुर्गे दे दे आज वरदान. Audio is not available. Awaiting contribution.

Kaisa Kutil Vidhaan Tumhara | कैसा कुटिल विधान तुम्हारा. Audio is not available. Awaiting contribution.

Meri Dubti Naiya Ko Paar Lagane | मेरी डूबती नैया को पार लगाने. Audio is not available. Awaiting contribution.

Om Namah Shiva Swarn Chandra Bhal | ओम नमः शिव स्वर्ण चन्द्र भाल. Audio is not available. Awaiting contribution.

Ruturaj Saaj Saj Kar Aaye | रुतुराज साज सज कर आये. Audio is not available. Awaiting contribution.

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