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Shesh Chithi (শেষ চিঠি) 1993

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DirectorSisir Majumdar
ProducerShibkumar Agarwal
Orginal musicR. D. Burman
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers
Soumitra Chatterjee
Rituparna Sengupta
Biplab Chattopadhyay
Master Bittu
The story starts with Hemanta Chatterjee as a retired school master who was very much eager to make his son a successful man by giving him higher studies. This was made possible by him by taking loan from Mahesh babu for his son's higher studies. Arjun his son, finally got married and left his parents. After they got separated, Arjun's father had to leave the house as he can not repay the debt of his house mortgage. Finally Hemanta and his wife Kamala took shelter in one of the student's house of Hemata. Kamala earned their family livelihood by taking a tailor's job and she was very much frustrated with the work. On the other hand Arjun & Sikha gave birth to a child and Sikha always said to him that there's no grand father and grand mother for him. Surya, child of Arjun came to know that his grandfather and grand mother exist from his uncle Ranjit. At first Hemanta was very much happy to see his grandson but Kamala stood firm remembering the behaviour of her son, Arjun. At last Arjun and Sikha realized their fault and begged for forgiveness from their parents. Hemanta accepted their appology, but Kamala who was very much hurt could not accept it and went for pilgrimage stating in a letter that as a mother she can never accept what her son did to her.
Release Date1993
Awards: Unknown.
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Lyrics: Mukul Dutt  | Music: R. D. Burman

1. Tomaar Katha Mone Aamar | তোমার কথা মনে আমার     

2. Mone Hoy Tumi Aar | মনে হয় তুমি আর     

3. Hanti Hanti Paa Paa | হাঁটি হাঁটি পা পা     

4. Moner Basha Bhenge Gache | মনের বাসা ভেঙ্গে গাছে     

5. Kaar Mone Ki Aachhe | কার মনে কি আছে     

6. Pradeep Nibhe Jabaar Pore | প্রদীপ নিভে যাবার পরে     

7. Nijer Cheye Maanoosh Jokhon | নিজের চেয়ে মানুষ যখন     

8. Gelo Gelo Gelo Re | গেল গেল গেল রে     

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