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Shahenshah (शहेनशाह) 1953

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BannerG. P. Productions
DirectorAmiya Chakrabarty
Orginal music Sachin Dev Burman
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Asha Bhosle , Geeta Dutt , Manna Dey, Shamshad Begum, Lata Mangeshkar, Talat Mahmood
CharacterActor / Actress
K. N. Singh
Ramesh Sippy
Achala Sachdev
Kamini Kaushal
The Shah of Iran is slain in abattle with invading hordes. The Shahs faithful Vazir rides hard ahead of the invading troops to prepare the queen and her two childre, Prince Rashid and Princess Abbassa, to fly to Baghdad where he is certain the royal family will receive an asylum and even help to recapture Iran. The Vazir presents his own faimly to the Invader as the late Shahs wife and children, but this ruse fails, for the Invader orders them to be beheadad. . The fleeing queen and her troupe arrive at the gates of Baghdad robbed of their few precious belongings on the way by thieves. Here the queen inds protection under the humble roof of an old magician who dissuades her from disclosing her indentity to the Vazir of Baghdad who is an evil genius ruling in place of the baby queen Noor. The magician fears the Vazir might even hand over the royal family to the Invader to gain his friend-ship. The queen takes his counsel and lives in obscurity. . Twelve years roll by. In Teheran, the Invader king id dead. In his place, rules his son Bakhtiar, a Joveable nincompoop. Prince Rashid has grown into handsome young man, dashing in spirits and bold in ventures, and for his daring to unhold the rights of the poor and the oppressed of Baghdad, comes to be populary called "Shahenshah", a poor and recompense indeed for one who is king in his own right! Queen Noor has attained the age of Sixteen, and the fame of her beauty goes far and wide. Her birthday is celebrated by extorting form the people of Baghdad, a tax of 16 dirrhams per head! The people are unhappy. The taxes are high, the lawa ruthless. But of all the miseries of her people ar unhappy. The taxes are high, the lawa tuthless. But of all the miseries of her people Queen Noor is innocent, for it is the iron hand of the cruel Vazir that rules the nation. Wating to investigate the affairs of the people herself, Noor steals out of the Court in the guise of a boy, and is shocked to abserve the miserable state of her subjects. On this visit, she meets Shahenshah who learns that the queen and sends word to her through the "boy". Meanwhile, there arrives in Baghdad, King Bakhtiar to seek the hand of the beauteous Noor. Shahenshah decoys Bakhtiar to a place of entertainment, and after doping him and his party, himself appears at the Court as Bakhtiar. Noor is pleasantly surprised and soon between the two, the flame of love is kindled. . Meanwhile, Bakhtiar appears at the court and accuses Shahenshah as being an imposte. The Vazir shrewdly learns the real state of affairs, and meaning to gain for himself both Baghdad and Iran with one stroke, lays his plans to get rid fo both Bakhtiar and Noor. But here the sword of the avenger, Shahenshah, flashes into action and provides a thrilling climax to a tale of flaming love and high intrigues of the fabulous Baghdad of Haroon-ul-Rashid.
Release date1953
Awards: Unknown.
Not Available


Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi | Music: Sachin Dev Burman

1. Koi Raag Ched Dabi Aag | कोई राग छेद दबी आग     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

2. Jaam Thaam Le | जाम थाम ले     
Voice: Shamshad Begum

3. Chahat Ka Khazana | चाहत का खज़ाना     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar

4. Nazon Ke Pale | नाजों के पले     
Voice: Talat Mahmood

5. Khaak Hua Dil Jalte | खाक हुआ दिल जलते     
Voice: Lata Mangeshkar

6. Le Le Dil Ko Le Le Kismat | ले ले दिल को ले ले किस्मत     
Voice: Geeta Dutt

7. Shahi Ki Zanzire Todte | शाही की जंजीरे तोड़ते     
Voice: Manna Dey

8. Aayi Bahare Leke Rate | आयी बहरे लेके रते     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

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