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Sega (సెగ) 2011

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BannerMana Desam Movies
DirectorAnjana Ali Khan
WriterAnjana Ali Khan
ProducerAshok Vallabanen
Music DirectorJoshua Sridhar
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback SingersApoorva, Benny Dayal, Clinton, Sunitha, Suzanne, Joshva Sridhar, Karthik, Vijay Narain
Character Actor/Actress
Nithya Menon
BalajiKarthik Kumar
Bindu Madhavi
Karthik (Nani) and Balaji (Muthukumar) are the sons of a drunkard, who left the family to their fate. Their mother, who was a patient, commits suicide by taking poison from the hands of Balaji. Karthik and Balaji were brought up by their uncle, who is a painter. Though Balaji ekes out a living by painting the sign boards, he wants to give a good education to Karthik. Karthik and his uncle"s daughter (Nithya Menon) love each other. Karthik has a friend called Vishnu (Karthik), who runs a mechanic shed. Karthik"s father, who was once a drunkard turns a broker and runs a brothel on his own. He has the support of Ammaji (Jennifer) who smuggles drugs and used to drug-trafficking. Vishnu falls in love with Vani (Bindu Madhavi), a prostitute in the brothel. Once, Vishnu meets the broker and agrees to transport the drugs to Goa on a condition that the broker should leave Vani to her. However, Vani comes to know that the broker is planning to get rid of both Vishnu and Karthik and alerts them. While Karthik and Vishnu returns to their place there was a minor scuffle and after Karthik suffers a head injury, Vishnu gets killed. Everybody presumes that Karthik killed Vishnu. What happens next should be seen on-screen.
Release Date29-July-2011


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