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Sawan Ki Ghata (सवान की घटा) 1966

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BannerShakti Films
DirectorShakti Samanta
WriterVrajendra Gaur, Gulshan Nanda
ProducerShakti Samanta
Production executiveRamesh Chouhan
Music DirectorO.P.Nayyar
CinematographyV. Gopi Krishna
Film EditingGovind Dalwadi
Art DirectorShanti Dass
Camera OperatorT.H. Ramarao
Assistant CameramenN.G. Rao
Playback Singers Mohammad Rafi , Asha Bhosle, Mahendra Kapoor, Usha Mangeshkar
CharacterActor / Actress
Gopal Manoj Kumar
Seema Sharmila Tagore
Saloni Mumtaz
Kailash ChaudharyPran
LimoMadan Puri
Rasila LalSunder
BudhuramMohan Choti
WilliamS.N. Banerjee
Mrs. Turkeshwar ChaudharyMridula Rani
BelaPadma Khanna
Rana Shamsher Jeevan
ChameliJeevan Kala
Master Anwar
GuardRatan Gaurang
Mauji Singh
Karan Singh
Prakash Lahoti
Baby KavitaBaby Kavita Oberoi
Courtesan (song "Khuda Huzoor Ko")Madhumati
Gopal and Seema are two small children who live in a small town in India. While Gopal lives with Bansilal, who he believes to be his father, the much more wealthy Seema lives with her dad, Rana, who does not approve of her friendship with Gopal. He wants Bansilal to send Gopal away, and Bansilal does so. Years later, Gopal has now grown up and is curious to know what has happened back in the small town especially to Bansilal and Seema, so he travels back, meets with Seema and both re-kindle their friendship, which turns into love much to the chagrin of Rana. Gopal is told that Bansilal is dead, but village belle, Saloni, who is in love with Gopal, tells him that she has seen Bansilal's ghost. A practical Gopal must now use all his resources to find out the truth behind the ghost story, secure his land against a greedy Rana, as well as advocate his right to the estate that his father had left him from none other than his step-mother, who has schemed with her brother Kailash, to ensure that Gopal continues to not only be deprived of his rightful heritage, but also lose Seema to Kailash.
Release date1966
Awards: Unknown.


Lyrics: S.H.Bihari | Music: O.P.Nayyar

1. Haule Haule Chalo | हौले हौले चलो     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

2. Honthon Pe Hansi | होंथों पे हंसी     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi , Asha Bhosle

3. Jo Dil Ki Tadap Na Jane | जो दिल की तड़प न जाने     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

4. Meri Jaan Tum (Female) | मेरी जान तुम     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

5. Meri Jaan Tum (Male) | मेरी जान तुम     
Voice: Mahendra Kapoor

6. Zulfon Ko Hata Le | जुल्फों को हटा ले     
Voice: Mohammad Rafi

7. Khuda Huzur Ko Meri | खुदा हुजुर को मेरी     
Voice: Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar

8. Aaj Koi Pyar (Revival) | आज कोई प्यार     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

9. Haule Haule (Revival) | हौले हौले     
Voice: Asha Bhosle

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