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Saradaga Ammayitho (సరదాగా అమ్మాయితో) 2013

Saradaga Ammayitho_2013

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BannerSri Kumara Swamy Productions
DirectorBhanu Shankar
ProducerPattikonda Kumara Swamy
Music DirectorRavi Varma
Film Editing
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Cameramen
Playback Singers Ravi Varma, Swetha Mohan, Baba Sehgal, Rajesh, Pranavi, Suri Pattipaka, Sagar
Varun Sandesh
Nisha Agarwal
K. Vishwanath
M. S. Narayana
Mumaith Khan
Dharmavarapu Subramanyam
Venu Madhav
Krishna Bhagavaan
Surekha Vani
Charmy Kaur 
Saradaga Ammayitho is a rotten old story which is narrated in a stale fashion, albeit an overdose of double entendre is good enough to at least keep the frontbenchers from staging a walkout. A flirt being converted by a girl who teaches him the value of love is not new. However, the director adds a spin by coining the dimension of psychoanalysis and it proves to be such a risky idea that the best treatment (that is, story treatment) would not have fetched him anything more than critical applause.

Varun and 'sandesh' go together these days. In Neelakantha's 'Chammak Challo', he taught the men that fantasy is nothing and that the girl with the girl-next-door looks is whom we will/should actually end up marrying. In 'Priyatama Neevachata Kushalama', his message was that forgiving the girl who backstabs and wholeheartedly seeking her good, is the true mark of a lover. The latest 'sandesh' he brings us is both preachy and has been told in a hackneyed way.

The director's obsession is worse than the OCD that Varun's character suffers from. The imaginative double entendres and the slapstick voyeurism is so in-your-face that it looked like a covert invitation to the male audience to see in every women in the film, including the honorable heroine, a commodity. A pathology associated with our cinema is that the 'sandesh' would be merely incidental and the real dash is sleaze.Let us begin with the craziest idea: Suman, the sexologist, unconsciously inculcates the idea that Sex Is Life's Gist in his son. The son grows to be a compulsive fling and one fine day talks like a brute with a father, a mother and their daughter.Sometime later, he bumps into Geeta (Nisha Agarwal) and develops a special lust for her. It is lust at first sight, lust at second sight and so on. The script is so unrefined and unintelligent that it is difficult to tell Varun's lust from his new-born love until he explicitly says that he is in love.

The playboy unknowingly undergoes treatment supposedly to be rid of his OCD, but the unsuspecting audience painfully realizes much later that by making something conditional so as to prevent the patient from hankering after the unreal world is not therapy; after all, where was Varun disillusioned when the world of his fantasy was presented to him? If anything, he made merry and behaved more intelligently than the doctor herself by ordering for himself the needed medicine.

The rest of the film is how the director fails to convince us that he is capable of creating an illusionary link between psychoanalysis and his otherwise empty story.
Release Date14-June-2013

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